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Total Black: $38.60
Total Red: $227,972.40

Not much to write today.  I’m furiously typing to get in under the radar.  It’s nearly Monday as I write, which would mean a day without a post, if time did run out.  That can’t happen–not this early in the game.

So, before I even started my day, my mother called to tell me about an ad for temporary attorney work that a friend of hers spotted in the classified section of the Scranton newspaper.  I made some excuse to end the call.  Yes, it’s sweet and thoughtful and all that other fluff that we feed each other because we don’t want to offend the karma spirits or come across as ungrateful or disrespectful.  But my mother’s friends should not be looking through classified ads for jobs for me.  Has it gotten that bad?  Probably not.  I’d swear that my mother rents those flying banner ads that trail behind airplanes: “MY SON GOT LAID-OFF”  I don’t understand why everyone knows this.  Yes, I see the irony in that I’m pretty much putting up my own electronic flying banner through this blog.  But I’ve not shared my identity.  At least not yet anyway.

A few weeks ago my grandmother passed away.  She would have been 93 years old tomorrow.  At the viewing it was like I had to keep alternating between “thank you”s and “I know; it’s bad out there.  But I’m still lookin'”s because nearly every person who came through the receiving line said “sorry for your loss” and then mentioned something about me being unemployed.  Exasperating.  I know she means well, but I keep getting flashes of scenes from HBO’s Gray Gardens where the mother pleads with Little Edie, “Come home, Edie.  Come home.”  She does.  She leaves Manhattan and returns to the safety and security of mother’s arms.  And she doesn’t leave again for another twenty-five years.  I’m grateful that I have a mother I can return to.  Otherwise, I really don’t know what I’d do if I did have to leave.  But leaving must be for the right reasons.  And filling a void in my mother’s life cannot be one of them.

Thankfully, most of today was taken up doing work for the colleague I wrote about yesterday.  At least I feel like I’m earning money.  Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement since I sat down at the computer at about 11am earlier today and twelve hours later I’m still here. I’m only now making dinner–at 11:40pm.  But some of that time was taken up starting today’s entry, at least until I got sidetracked figuring out how to add the icon to the sidebar.   (Go ahead.  Click on it.  You know you want to.  It works.  And I’ll get 4% back too if you buy something.)  Besides that, I did laundry and finished Nosferatu.

Now to eat my penne a la vodka and continue working on this S-1/A for the SEC.  I must wonder what my mother has in store for me tomorrow.

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