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Where’s the Line?

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Total Black: $95.44
Total Red: $228,312.40

I’m short on time, and short on words, because I’m heading out to grab a beer with a law school buddy.  Socializing is good.  Especially for the unemployed.  I read an article today about Labor Day and how the unemployed don’t feel much like celebrating.  I’m saving much of my musing on that topic for Monday.  But one thing that came through was how worn down you get after months of unemployment.  It’s true.  I’ve blogged about it already.  That’s one reason I’m doing everything I can to stay active.  Some of it may be in the hands of Lady Luck.  But otherwise much is just perseverance.  And along the way you need to keep busy, but not constantly job hunting either.  For me one way is writing this blog.  I get to chronicle my efforts at reducing my debt and confess my sins along the way.  I’ve mentioned a few of my other efforts.  I’ve got a new one lined up: a medical experiment to test out a drug not yet approved by the FDA.  It pays $40 a week though, up to about $500.  That’s free money.  And you can withdraw from the program at any time and still get paid for however many weeks you were in.  Although I haven’t started the drug yet, I’m a bit worried about it, wondering whether this is a good time to start playing around with physical and mental health.  Some of the more mild side effects include headaches or upset stomach, back pain or irritability.  But the pill could also cause, albeit at a much lower risk, potentially serious side effects like irreversible involuntary tremors or shaking—akin to Parkinson’s disease—or cataracts.  What we won’t do for money, eh?

Otherwise, no job yet.  Temp agency said they might have a one-week project that could start up next week.  I applied for staff attorney positions with both the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia.  I also spotted a vacancy at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania . . . in Scranton, PA, of all places.  So I quickly shot my application over for that position.  I’d go back to Scranton to be an assistant United States attorney.

Recession Art Sale is coming along.  We got the trusses up.  Tomorrow will be the lighting.  It’s in an excellent location too: 43rd Street & 3rd Avenue.  Right on the corner.  Windows on both street fronts.  Couldn’t ask for a better venue.  I’m getting excited about it.  A good vibe is developing too.

I do wonder generally where’s the line is though.  Putting illegal activities to the side of course, I’ve been thinking lately about when you should pass up an opportunity to make money.  I wrote about this point in depth in  危 機 ≠ Opportunity.  I don’t think I’ve developed a keen enough insight yet to discern when to steer clear of one opportunity but make a bee-line for another.  The medical experiment could land me in the hospital because of some crazy side-effect, thus preventing me from landing any temp job or finishing up the art sale, and possibly leave me with massive medical bills.  On the other hand, the medical experiment might be fifteen weeks of easy money whereas the Recession Art Sale could mean seven weeks of intense, fruitless efforts.  I wouldn’t back out now from the art sale, but I’m not sure what to do about the medical experiment.  I go back to the doctor’s office on Tuesday.

This much I can say: if my postings suddenly drop off, maybe that drug shouldn’t get FDA approval after all.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

September 5, 2009 at 21:02

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