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Good News & Bad

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Total Black: $114.17
Total Red: $228,312.40

Today’s post is short.  Just not up for writing.  Got good news and bad.  Both are keeping me from writing in depth.

Good news: I got a job!  It’s a temporary attorney position.  Only scheduled to last a week or so.  But it’s better than not working.  It starts 10am tomorrow morning, so I need to get a good-night’s sleep.  I didn’t get back home until nearly 10pm tonight, so I don’t have time tonight to channel the muses.

Bad news:  Me and the medical experiment drug are not getting along well.  Last night was the first night taking it.  Horrible.  Awake all night.  Elevated body temperature.  Stiff, achy muscles.  Felt like I was coming down off LSD.  I go back to the doctor on Tuesday.  If it doesn’t improve, I’m bailing on the experiment.  Forty dollars a week is not worth this much disruption.  I just took today’s pills and I can already feel it screwing with my head, so I also don’t have the clarity to channel the muses tonight.

Till tomorrow’s post.

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September 9, 2009 at 23:47