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Total Black: $142.17
Total Red: $227,804.18

Quick status updates:  the Recession Art Sale opened today with a great preview event.  I suppose technically it’ll “open” on Monday once again.  Amazing work being exhibited.  I’ve often wondered where the Picassos and El Grecos of today are.  I met many of them tonight.  If you’re interested, ask for the only lawyer art seller in the show.  I can hook you up with some beautiful pieces that will only increase in value.

Temp job is winding down.  But another one might be starting up next week.  That one would go for roughly six weeks and pay $40 an hour for approximately ten to twelve hours a day for six days a week.  That could net roughly $17,000 if I worked the maximum amount.  That right there is two student loans paid off.  Or like three credit card bills.  Or tax bills (which the IRS would prefer).  Gotta get the position first though.  And it’ll be tough squeezing in time for the art sale.

Earned a quick $50 today doing user testing for  They brought group organizers in for testing with prototype software and tossed a bit of compensation our way.  Fifty dollars an hour is something I can live with.

I’m sticking with the medical experiment for now.  Turns out the dosage they started me off on isn’t standard.  The research company wanted us started on the higher dose.  That’s what threw me for a loop.  Things have pretty much leveled off.  And, though I’m loath to say it, it might be having a beneficial effect.  Jury’s still out on that one.

Otherwise: my Amazon Associates account (the icon on the main page) isn’t really netting me anything. But there’s zero cost in it.  I also still haven’t been paid that $1,500 from the colleague I spent nearly all of August working for.  I touched on this in the entry Slow Going.  Guess it’s gone even slower since.  I’ll just have to man up and ask for my money.

Anything you want to toss my way?

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

September 17, 2009 at 23:40

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