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Pay Day

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Total Black: $367.92
Total Red: $227,843.18

I got paid today.  My first paycheck of 2009.  And I earned less than when on unemployment.  Too funny, no?  But I only worked two days last week, so that’s not exactly fair to spin it that way.  It does have a dash of irony to it though.

One of the most unexpected effects of getting paid has been this overwhelming urge to spend.  Perhaps it’s a typical reaction akin to that of a malnourished person attempting to gorge himself with food.  All day long I had this antsy feeling that I needed to go buy something or treat myself.  A massage pulled me the most.  So too a nice dinner.  A couple of beers at the bar.  A book or two.  But for this project, I don’t think I would have held back.  And it was quite unnerving to feel this urgency come upon me suddenly . . . and from nowhere.  Got me wondering. Keep reading . . .

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September 18, 2009 at 23:06