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Lent Hands

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Total Black: $348.90
Total Red: $227,843.18

My mother and sister visited earlier today.  Since my father passed from cancer a few years ago, we’ve made it an annual event to get together around his birthday.  While we were having brunch, the state of my finances came up.  My sister is usually the one to broach the topic.  In the spirit of this blog, I came clean about my total debt load to my family.  My mother already knew the state of my financial affairs.  My sister as well but, based upon her reaction, she wasn’t aware of how much I owed.  It felt good to just unload this weight off my shoulders.  The danger, however, is that your release can become another’s weapon.  Exercise caution.  Today my sister didn’t use my debt against me.  But she has in the past.  Instead, I learned—from my mother—that people back home are taking different measures to help me out.  Made me feel really . . . weird. Keep reading . . .

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September 19, 2009 at 23:20