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Total Black: $40.32
Total Red: $228,013.71

So today was my first day as a true contract attorney.  And now I know why the temp attorney world is seen the way it is.  We had an orientation yesterday at the firm and not more than ten seconds after the associate left the room were the temp attorneys chatting, talking, laughing, and doing everything but looking through the material we were asked to review.  I felt like I was back in fifth grade when the teacher would step out of the room.  I was practically expecting one of the associates to reach a hand in and flick the lights on and off to tell us to be quiet.  Even in grade school I was the one who wanted to sit quietly and do my work.  Of course, not everyone goofed off.  But many did.  Today we started reviewing the documents.  Let’s hope I don’t scar my tongue from biting it throughout the next two months or so. 

We have to work a minimum of sixty hours a week (at least ten during the work week) for six days a week.  And I need to get my time in at the Recession Art Sale too.  So I’ll be working from 8am to 12pm at the temp job, then going around the corner to the art sale from 12pm to 4pm and then back to the temp job from 4pm to 10pm.  It’s gonna be a long haul through the end of the art show on October 9th.  But just gotta keep my energy up.  Might have a sale or two lined up for tomorrow.  Got my fingers crossed.  Truth be told, I think  I’ll enjoy the break in the afternoons.  Starring at a computer for ten hours or more is not good.

Bank of America has worked its evil ways again.  In What is This, Sarcasm? I left off saying I was going to find a new bank.  Alas . . .  I didn’t.  That I’ve seen all the banks engage in the same sort of voodoo accounting whereby they get to rearrange your transactions so as to maximize the most amount of fees they can collect.  So total black is down again.  As I commented in Slow Going, I sold a few items on eBay.  Well the electronic piper came knocking for his cut and it pulled me once again into the red in my checking account.

But I’m not worrying any longer about it.  Bank of America will soon feel my rock-bottom.  The temp job and the art sale will start paying off soon and that’ll give me the traction I need to begin hauling myself out of this debt pit.  Just gotta keep hustling for these next few weeks.  To that end, I need my beauty sleep, so I’m ending here for today.  Still no word from CNN.  But that’s ok.  It’s only been a day.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

September 23, 2009 at 23:23

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