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Total Black: $333.44
Total Red: $228,252.66

Seems it never ends.  Pay came through today.  About $740.  Roughly $250 was taken in fees.  And today Bank of America tacked on another fee.  Now the bank is charging me for withdrawing money from the ATM.  It held that withdrawal until a larger transaction posted, which pulled my account under.  Obviously the cash was available otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to withdraw it.  If the bank does not return these charges, I swear I will drag it to small claims court for like $90 in insufficient funds fees.  Given the amount of money banks have taken from the taxpayers in bailouts it’s beyond hypocritical that they slam us for going into the red, in my case for less than twenty-four hours.

Didn’t sell any art yet.  I don’t think I understand the art buying world.  Either you like the work or you don’t.  And either you have the money or you don’t.  Seems pretty straight-forwarded.  Instead, however, plenty of people dance around about it, want to think about it, want to be called back or courted.  Maybe I’m just being too right-brained about it.  So far the Recession Art Sale hasn’t sold much, despite the UN crowds being in town this week.  Sales moved already into the five-digit range, but there’s a lot more to sell.  I’m expecting a few people in the gallery space on Sunday.  I’d love to make money off the amazing works in the show, but really I’m just interested in selling a piece or two to know that I can do it—and that it’s doable.  Still holding out hope.

The contract attorney position is being pushed up to seven days a week.  Saturday and Sunday won’t be mandatory this week because it’s short notice but from here out it will be.  Job should last until mid-November or so.  I hope I last till then.  As I noted in Darker the Collar, Lighter the Stress, I’ve worked twelve-hour days at seven-days-a-week for long stretches at a time.  But I was ten years younger then.  And that was physical labor, not mental.  Sometimes it seems your body can go for longer than your mind can.  We’ll see how it plays out.  I have to say though that I’m kind of excited to have a temp attorney job.  I know how that sounds, but really I welcome this opportunity to see how “the other half” lives and experience that world.  It gives me a whole other group of people to be able to relate to.

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  1. Interesting article. I hope the Congress doesn’t cave. Bank policies are surely not the same as government regulations.

    Laid-off Lawyer

    September 27, 2009 at 00:02

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