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Fiftieth Post

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Total Black: $111.42
Total Red: $230,649.18

Not sure how total red jumped $2,305.97 in one day.  That’s a bit odd and disturbing if accurate.  Not even Bank of America could come up with that many fees.  I hope that’s some error in Bank of America’s My Portfolio software.

As I was walking home from the temp job this evening, I started thinking that perhaps I could use upcoming milestone posts as marker points where I take the temperature of my progress with this project.  I figured that every fifty or so posts would work.  Then I sat down to write today’s entry I noticed that it’s already my fiftieth.  So it is.  Regular readers of the blog know that on the tenth of each month I give my financial report; Day of Assessment and Second Day of Assessment chronicled that progress already.  So I figure that instead I’ll use these quinquagenary markers to gauge my personal feelings about the blog. Keep reading . . .

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September 27, 2009 at 22:15