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Fourteen-Hour Days

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Total Black: $619.25
Total Red: $230,281.21

Now that the Recession Art Sale has ended, I’m left with only the contract attorney position.  And that will keep me very busy.  Today would have been my first day working straight through.  During the art sale I would leave the temp position for approximately four hours a day—generally during lunchtime hours.  Today I had to visit the doctor’s office for my two-week check-in for the medical experiment.  So, I was happy to have that interruption.  Testing the drug is coming along just fine.  No significant side-effects any longer.  Or at least none of the type described in Good News & Bad

From a purely economic point of view, my side gigs may not be all that lucrative, at least compared with the temp job.  I lose forty dollars an hour when I leave the space.  So, today I lost $100 going to the doctor’s office.  The medical experiment will probably net me about $540 or so.  When working in the gallery space instead of at the temp job, I typically worked about four hours a day selling art.  So that equates to roughly $160 per day that I lost out on.  I’m sure I worked more than ten days, so right there I’d at least call it even with the amount I earned in commission.

At the moment, the maximum we can work each day is fourteen hours.  At least during the work week.  That’s a lot of hours sitting on one’s backside.  But it’s a lot of money to make just sitting one’s backside as well.  So I can make up some of the lost hours.  And moreover, I’m finding that I like having a lot going on.  Tomorrow will be my first fourteen hour day.  It’ll be a little boring and a touch disappointing to have nothing different to do.  Plus, the people sitting around me have come to appreciate the stories I bring back each day.

Guess I’ll have to take some time tomorrow to troll Craiglist for a new gig.  Fourteen-hour days don’t have to happen in one place.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

October 12, 2009 at 23:11

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