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Total Black: $3,213.39
Total Red: $230,644.12

I’ve not been feeling very creative these past few days.  My entries have been more like detailed status updates rather than my elaborate observations on life, debt, and other things.  I suppose the muses too need their rest.  To that end then I note that I received a letter today in the mail from the landlord’s management company, informing me that they’ve received all of the rent for September and October and therefore will be discontinuing the legal action.  

I understand that attorneys want proof and like formalities, but in the 21st Century it seems to me that urgent messages like “We’re dropping the lawsuit.” should be sent by email and then followed-up with a letter.  See, because I didn’t know they were dropping the lawsuit, I already filed my answer and counterclaims.  Since today is Monday, they probably wrote their letters on Friday, at the latest.  Had they emailed me, I might not have bothered filing my answer.  It wasn’t until late on Friday that I filed it.  But the management company’s letter didn’t arrive until today.  And since I had to pay seventy dollars for a jury trial demand, which, as an aside, made me wonder why I must pay for a constitutional right, I’m now financially invested in this lawsuit and am not dropping it so quickly.  Besides that, in cleaning the apartment today I found a live bedbug—albeit just one—hanging out on the backside of a wooden plaque in the kitchen area of the apartment.  That’s the first time I’ve found bedbugs outside the bedroom area and it really freaked me out.  Where else could they be hiding?  If they only come out at night, what could it be doing there of all places?  It is near the window.  Perhaps it was making the trek from someone else’s apartment to mine?  I had caulked the space where the brick wall meets the ceiling to barricade my apartment from the one above.  Could it have made it through?  I caught the sucker and put it right in the freezer . . . in case I need proof.  I’ve now got two dead specimens.  So, yeah . . . I’m certainly not ready to just toss my legal case out so quickly.  I am tired of worrying about this.  I wanted to invite my best friend to come stay with me for a few days.  How can I now with this development?

In other news, I filed my unemployment compensation claim again today.  I telephoned the unemployment office to check with them about restarting.  Apparently, one can hop on and off unemployment pretty easily.  I’ll have to fill out a form because of the interruption in my benefits due to the contract attorney position that lasted a few weeks.  I also reached out to a few other temporary attorney staffing agencies.  So far I’m registered with De Novo Legal, Lexolution, Yorkson Legal, Kelly Law Registry, Peak Counsel, The Dine Group, and Strategic Legal.  I can’t seem to get anyone at Hudson Legal or Hire Counsel to respond to my emails.  I also registered online with Aphelion Staffing and Compliance Legal over the weekend, but have yet to hear back from them.  With so many players out there, it’s difficult to know where to concentrate one’s efforts.  I could be banging on the door of some smaller player and end up ignoring the bigger ones.  Someone I know once advised only reaching out to business contacts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.  The logic being that on Mondays people are slow to get back to work, might have emails from over the weekend to catch up on, and so on.  And on Fridays, especially by late afternoon, many people have already mentally checked out for the day.  Whether well-founded or not, it wouldn’t hurt if we all had a few email-free days.  At any rate, part of the temp attorney cycle is to send weekly emails to all the temp agencies letting them know that you’re available for work.  Personally, I would get irritated by all those emails, but other temp attorneys and even a few of the agency people all advised that I get in that habit.  So, tomorrow I’ll reach out to those I’ve already registered with.  I’m not too worried that this dry spell will last long.  It’s just that I’m not good with anticipation.  I’m fine once it’s time to perform, but butterflies and anxiety consume me up until showtime.

Guess that’s a wrap for today.  Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with the pro bono client to discuss the details about me taking over her case from my former law firm.  She doesn’t have money to pay for an attorney, so I’ll have to work on her case on a contingency fee basis.  I’m happy to help her have her day in court.  Just gotta get me some dough now to carry both of us through to that fine court day.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

November 2, 2009 at 23:45

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