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A Few Bits of Good News

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Total Black: $64.24
Total Red: $230,807.75

I decided that today will be my last day of being unemployed.  After over a year, it’s been long enough.  And tomorrow I start a new contract attorney position.  I don’t know that I won’t need to go back on unemployment, but if I don’t declare an end to it, who will?  The project tomorrow pays $35.00 / hour.  That’s a decent wage: $5,600 a month, before taxes, assuming a forty-hour work-week.  After taxes, it will probably be around $3,000, but I’m not going to let that demoralize me before I even walk through the door.  It’s funny too which agency placed me.  I was two seconds shy of bolting from that building out of sheer fright and disgust.  I’d never been in a place that gave me the creeps like that had.  At first I thought it might have been a front for something else.  Once I found the correct floor, however, the atmosphere warmed considerably.  Glad I did not trust my instinct in that situation because I would not be working tomorrow. 

The next bit of good news?  I received a letter from the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners approving me for admission to the bar.  On December 8, 2009, I’ll be admitted in Pennsylvania to practice law.  Given my total debt load and my credit report, I’ve been anxious that both, or either, may have negatively affected my character and fitness review.  I’m glad they haven’t.  Attorneys, after all, are people too, and we have debt like everyone else.

In other good news, my court appearance today in Landlord v. Laid-Off Lawyer wasn’t a complete waste of time.  The landlord’s attorney did not show.  And the discontinuance I mentioned in a prior entry, Just Another Manic Monday, had been filed with the court.  It looks like the court clerk took it to mean the entire case was being discontinued and not just the landlord’s action against me.  So, by being in court today, I made it known that the case had not been discontinued, that my counterclaims should have survived even if the underlying action was stopped.  The judge put the matter over until December for my counterclaims.  The last communication I had with the landlord’s attorney was that I need not appear in court today.  I wondered why he would be advising me on what actions I should take.  Naturally, I wasn’t about to trust counsel from opposing counsel.  Now I wonder if he thought that if I didn’t show, that perhaps the case would just quietly disappear.  Glad I appeared today because it meant my claims will not be swept under the judicial rug.

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