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Total Black: $427.04
Total Red: $230,977.94

Looks like there’s work to be had again with the colleague I spent the month of August working for.  He called again tonight.  Actually, a few days ago he texted me to ask about more work.  I bunted by saying I needed to write up my hours.  Frankly, I wasn’t willing to work more without seeing any money.  I did though tonight.  I had finally written up my hours for the work I started in Hang a Shingle.  I don’t know why I’ve dragged my feet on it.  I guess I just hoped that he would pay me the $1,500 fee that we agreed upon.  I asked him for it in Pussyfootin’ Around.  It still hasn’t materialized.  He hasn’t billed the client yet though, so it’s not as if he has the money and is keeping it from me.  It looks like the work for him might heat up again, especially through the end of the year because he may have a job offer that would prevent him from doing any other work.  I’m wiling to help.  I like him and enjoy the work.  I just need to get paid for it.

On Friday afternoon I interviewed with CHEST, an organization run by CUNY’s Hunter College that conducts research into gay and bisexual men and their behavior.  I’m pretty confident that I’ll get the position.  I should find out on Thursday.  It would mean working from roughly 11pm to approximate 2am a few nights a week in bars, nightclubs, and other such venues.  It’s an awesome way to earn more money during hours that would be difficult to fill with other work.  Plus, I’d be paid to go out and socialize!

A few nights back I came across an opportunity to work as a volunteer usher at a nearby theatre.  Tonight I saw Toxic Avenger, a musical based on the 1980s film.  I volunteered last week for Altar Boyz and next week I’ll work at My First Time.  In exchange for ushering—which really just translates to passing out Playbills—I got to see the shows for free.  I just sent an email to the theatre company to inquire about positions.  The theatre is on West 49th Street, only steps from my apartment.  And just like the CHEST gig, it would be a great way to earn more money and meet new people.  I could work evenings at the theatre as an usher or a ticket collector.

I’m excited about these other opportunities.  And I have to say that it is refreshing to be around non-lawyers for a change.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

November 14, 2009 at 23:55

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