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One Hundredth Post

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Total Black: $173.95
Total Red: $231,084.38

In addition to bringing this, the second installment of my Ordinal Posts, Fiftieth Post being the first, today also brings my first reference by another blog.  Bitter Lawyer sent some sinners over to the confessional here.  The site’s post discussed the efforts of attorneys to gain employment through Craigslist and had me in stitches a few times because I’ve trolled the depths of Craigslist myself, as I noted in I Need a New Gig for example, and I’ve definitely come across the types of posts Bitter Lawyer referenced. Although most of my digital wanderings were through the gigs section, I do browse the Legal/Paralegal page from time to time and also run some targeted searches for “lawyer” or “attorney” through the “All Jobs” or “All Gigs” databases.  In fact, I’m not sure I ever mentioned it—I didn’t in the initial post, If You Find Yourself in a Hole—that I found my way to the Recession Art Sale through searching for “lawyer” on Craigslist.  But no, I haven’t found any legal work that way, well . . . other than legal temp work, that is.

As noted in Fiftieth Post, these Ordinal Posts act as barometers, of a sort, for this project.  Now that I’m one hundred days in, I can make a few observations.  First, with the exception of one day, namely A Day Without a Post, I’ve been at this blog now for one hundred days straight.  I must confess that there have been quite a few days where I dreaded having to write my daily entry.  But nonetheless, I did it.  I’ve toyed with joining the military just so I could acquire self-discipline.  I’ve also thought about JAG as a way to get steady work and good trial experience.  As of now, it’s not come to that.

Another observation: my debt is higher than when I started this project.  And that does suck.  But I’m just not doubting that I’ll achieve my goal.  I don’t know how exactly just yet, but I know it will happen.  And my determination to eliminate all of my debt by 8/9/10 has not wavered.  In fact, if anything it’s increased.  And so has my commitment to this project.  In one hundred days, I’ve become a contract attorney, a solo practitioner, and an art salesman.  I joined a medical experiment and applied to be a recruiter with CHEST as well as an usher at New World Stages, a nearby theatre.  But it’s not all been good.  Because of drinking too much I ended up in the hospital on night, which caused A Day Without a Post.  I came perilously close to eviction.  Even though the landlord pulled its lawsuit for back rent once I brought rent current, it nonetheless prompted me to grow some balls and stand up for myself and sue right back and now I’m a party to litigation for the first time in my life.

That’s a lot. It’s only been one hundred days.  And I have two hundred and sixty-five more days to go!

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  1. Hi LoL-

    I’ve been meaning to comment since I started reading your blog. I admire your honesty and your candid out-loud introspection. There are so many things which I relate to in your story, including interning with dreams of working for something you care about, being varying degrees of broke (from regular broke to early a.m. phone call broke), and to wondering what’s next! I’m finally on the ‘other’ side, and I can tell you that it can be done, and no amount of judgement from people who do not understand your situation or unexpected hiccups should deter you from pursuing your goal. Keep it up and know that there are people out here rooting for you!


    November 18, 2009 at 22:01

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