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Early to Bed, Early to Rise

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Total Black: $66.92
Total Red: $231,085.13

Eh . . . but it’s not really early.  And I’m not yet wealthy.  Healthy and wise perhaps.  Two out of three so far.

Today’s post is early, or at least earlier than most.  By far the bulk of my entries have been written in final moments of the day, and sometimes in the first few of the next.  In Eyes on the Prize I noted that I was reaching a mid-way point with the medical experiment I’ve been in since early September.  The time came for the doctor to decide whether to increase the dosage or keep me at same level.  As far as I’ve been told, they’ve kept me at the same level.  The catch: none of us knows what’s in those little white capsules I’m taking.  It’s a double-blind study after all.  I had visit eight earlier this week and the doctor I’ve been seeing since I started the experiment wasn’t there.  I saw another doctor.  Thus she’s the one who decided my dosage.  Since then I’ve been feeling odd twitching and overall muscle heaviness.  And because of this feeling stiff and sore lately, I thought I’d aim for an early night’s sleep.  If it is just stiff muscles, hopefully getting to bed early will help.  Of course, the stiffness also coincides with resuming a temporary attorney position and spending the entire day sitting at a computer—the more likely culprit.

And speaking of spending the entire day sitting at a computer, I spent much of the day working on the case for my pro bono client.  Pro bono is really a misnomer now, but I’ll keep it for ease of reference.  The law firm I worked for set some deadlines for depositions and medical examinations and such in a stipulation they signed with opposing counsel, when all the parties agreed to restore the case to active status.  It had been dismissed.  As the client’s new counsel, I’m bound by those deadlines.  One deadline was that all depositions should occur by December 1, 2009.  As of today, that’s only ten days away.  With Thanksgiving next week, I doubt that will happen.  And, more importantly, the other side hasn’t turned over any documents or anything else that we’ve requested and it’s been over fourteen months.  So today I sent a very stern letter threatening to get the court involved if they didn’t ante up.  It is the duty of the person bringing an action against another party to prosecute it, but there’s no requirement that one party’s attorney has to pester or even remind the other’s to do her or his job.  And oddly as I was going through the files I received from the firm and putting together my letter, opposing counsel for one of the parties—there’s three total on the defendant side—emailed me about depositions.  Coincidences like that always weird me out, but in a good way.  He didn’t reply to my email reminding him that he hasn’t done his job.

I can only imagine the variety of responses my letter will solicit, especially since I copied the court on it as well.  What can I say?  No more mister nice guy.  Sadly, it gets you nowhere.  Maybe you have to arrive at that vague destination called “Success” or “Fame” or “Importance” before you can start being nice again.  Doing it along the way hasn’t been working for me.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

November 21, 2009 at 23:09

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