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Another Update on Efforts

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Total Black: $1,316.20
Total Red: $230,870.71

I thought I’d take today, like I did back in September in Update on Efforts, to give another update on my various ventures, joint and several.  I had visit ten today for the medical experiment.  I believe there are a total of thirteen.  Two weeks separates most visits so that means another two months roughly until I earn the $540 or so.  The doctor today observed that I have “slight tremors” in my hands when I hold them out straight.  I wonder if its from stress or the drugs.  The only other complaint I have is just muscle aches and pains.  But that too can be a symptom of depression.  I’ve noticed my vision getting blurrier.  Not good, especially since I had LASIK done back in February 2008.  I wonder if the blurry vision comes from the experimental medication or doc reviewing.  Both seem hazardous for your health.

The Recession Art Sale still lingers on.  One of the artists / co-producers sued the producer for his cut.  I’ll be in court tomorrow as a witness for the producer.  This guy really didn’t do much and doesn’t deserve his cut.  He breached his contract by failing to perform.  Perhaps she could have called him on it, but there’s no requirement in the law to “remind” someone that they’re in breach or nearing it.  You can’t just sit back and collect a windfall though from someone else’s misconduct and she didn’t.  She couldn’t.  She had to find others to make up for his inaction.  So silly really.  I’ll get a glimpse of Brooklyn small-claims court.

Working at New World Stages is taking off.  I’ve got about four shifts this week and a few more next week.  Looks too like there will be a number of shifts to pick up from time to time.  I forgot how loose younger people are about work.  Someone today emailed everyone in the theatre to say that she needed to switch shifts because of an invite she received to see another show.  See, that isn’t what you should tell people.  They don’t need to know and it only makes you look irresponsible and not dedicated to your job.  So, I’m keen to gobble up all the scraps thrown to the floor by eager socialite-wannabes

The twenty dollar recurring monthly donation that I set up in Change to Spare? spontaneously resumed.  I’m not sure what caused the lag over the past two months, but I’m happy to see it start back up.  I can afford twenty dollars a month to give to a good cause.

Still no word from CHEST, the Hunter College affiliate that I applied to work for.  I’m emailing tomorrow to check up on things.  It’s just irresponsible and unprofessional to not let someone know he hasn’t been selected—if that’s the case, in fact.  I also haven’t been paid yet from the colleagueI’ve been working for off and on since August.  I’m getting near the point of just writing it, and him, off.  And, of course, there’s doc review.  Ah yes . . . doc review.  Yes, the contract attorney position—thankfully—is still going strong.  Not as strong as back in October when I was making forty dollars an hour—now it’s only thirty-five dollars an hour—but it will keep me housed and fed.  Unfortunately, I missed work today because the bus back to New York didn’t arrive until about 4 p.m.  Tomorrow I’ll be in court in the morning for the lawsuit involving my landlord.  Hopefully this time their attorneys will show.

Both total red and total black are down today.  That’s because again this week I sent five $50 payments to my credit cards and approximately $500 to SallieMae.  Those payments were pulled today.  Tomorrow rent is due.  I’ll be a bit behind until I get paid again on Thursday.  But after that, I’ll have two weeks pay to finally start throwing at my bills.  As moronic as it may sound, I can’t wait!

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  1. Send him a freaking invoice! You cannot afford to write that off.


    December 1, 2009 at 11:32

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