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Continues to Bug Me

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Total Black: $1,143.86
Total Red: $230,820.71

The counterclaims I brought against the landlord for bedbugs in my apartment are not going away anytime soon, especially not after the way the landlord’s attorney treated me today in court.  When we were called before the judge’s court attorney this morning to discuss the case, this attorney refused to shake my hand.  Refused.  As if I had done him some personal affront.  After I lowered my untouched hand, he said he didn’t shake on bedbugs.  I don’t know whether he meant that he didn’t shake the hand of someone whose apartment had bedbugs or that he wouldn’t shake the hand of someone who brought suit because of them.  I suspect the latter because he proceeded to berate and belittle me, well to attempt to—I really didn’t care and don’t buckle under such tactics.  He insinuated that I only brought my counterclaims because I owed rent money and had been having financial difficulties.  Before we wrapped up the appearance, he had us wait while he stepped out to check something.  He returned to say that I hadn’t paid December’s rent yet.  It was due today.  I informed him that I had the check with me and was going to the management company once we finished.  He replied, “Good.  That way I don’t have to sue you for December’s rent too.”  I don’t understand what logical leap he expects with this line of “attack” because unlike many other tenants in housing cases, instead of withholding rent money, I paid mine in full.  During our appearance before the judge’s clerk he also asserted that no one in my building ever complained about bedbugs, that I’m the first person to mention it.  He also said that I’ve not allowed the landlord access to my apartment either.  All blatant misrepresentations.  Exterminators have been to my apartment a few times, most recently at the beginning of November when they sprayed for bedbugs.  And my complaints started in November 2008 when I informed the prior management company—the landlord switched management companies midway through this year.  So, clearly the landlord had at least one complaint, mine—that’s why we were in court—and therefore, logically speaking his assertion was flawed.  If you find just one instance of something then “never” is no longer correct. Keep reading . . .

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December 1, 2009 at 23:01