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Counting Your Blessings

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Total Black: $65.02
Total Red: $230,428.97

My mother and sister came out to the city for their annual Christmas-time visit.  We had breakfast and then walked around Times Square a bit.  Toys-R-Us made it on our itinerary.  My mother wanted to ride the ferris wheel.  There we were, three grown adults waiting to get on the ride.  I wanted to get the Scooby-Doo Mystery Van to ride in.   My sister quipped that she hoped we’d get the My Little Pony car.  We lucked out with Monopoly: something gender neutral.  The ride was actually a nice time.   My mother never rode on rides with us as children.  She never cared for them.

Just before riding the ferris wheel we saw the Broadway musical Irving Berlin’s White ChristmasI had suggested they see a show at the theatre where I’ve been ushering.  But my mother wanted to see a holiday show. Typically in years past we saw the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall, partly because it’s a decent show but mostly because it was very close to the office of my former law firm.  After  two years in a row we tired of it, however.  Last year we saw the Chinese New Year show instead—after the holidays, of course.  But this year the only holiday show we knew of was White Christmas.

And it was well worth it.  Broadway doesn’t really have big dance numbers any longer.  Not of the George M or 42nd Street ilk.  I really enjoyed the show: the music, the choreography, and the storeline.  (I must admit I’ve not yet seen the film.)  One song struck me in particular: “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep.” The song comes at a point in the show where we learn that two characters, Bob Wallace and Betty Haynes, have both poo-poohed love.  Fate, and their friends, have landed them together at an inn in Vermont.  The innkeeper has been having difficulty managing the inn and finding guests.  His granddaughter, Susan, heads out to the porch because she can’t get to sleep.   She’s worried about her grandfather’s problems.  Turns out Bob too can’t sleep and so they meet on the porch.  He suggests that the young girl try something he does when he can’t fall asleep, try counting her blessings instead of sheep.  Of course, it works and the young girl fell asleep on his lap.  And just off the porch area is Betty, whose heart now melts a bit as she sees Bob caring for the young girl.

Anyone can predict the ending, but what struck me was this song.  Isn’t it really a song about gratitude.  Being grateful for what you have?  Presumably, if one can’t fall asleep, it’s because of worries and stress going ’round and ’round.  And here’s this gem of wisdom to instead focus on what you have instead of what’s bothering you.  Interesting idea, no?

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