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Let It Snow

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It snowed today in New York.  It started with a few flurries, then increased to a steady fall before it turned into a blinding blizzard.  This afternoon a friend in Florida emailed to ask if we had any snow yet in New York.  He mentioned that snow had already started accumulated in Washington, D.C.  We went to law school together so his email reminded me of the fun times we had playing in the snow just before exams.  Yes, we played.  Grown men throwing snowballs and chasing each other.  It’s funny how magical snow can be.

Tonight I had to walk backwards a few times while I returning home from the theatre gig.  Along the way I passed quite a few flustered folks making their way through the mounting snow.  As we passed each other, we smiled or smirked, sending some sort of signal of comic dismay about the weather.  Snow can melts the hardest of hearts.  It links strangers, if only to pause their lives for a moment just to bitch about the weather.  If someone near us slips a bit, we reach out a hand to help.  If that same person stumbled on a hot summer day we’d probably move aside and laugh.  Stomping through mounds of snow makes all of us feel like kids again.  Why is that?

A USA Today article reported that people in warm, sunny states are the happiest in the country.  Topping the list are Louisiana, Hawai’i, and Florida (I’ll save you the comment: much of the data was pre-Katrina).  Last in the nation is New York.  What a surprise?  No one pointed out another observation: seems  that as climate goes people respond to the extremes.  Among the top fifteen states with the happiest people are also cold, wintry states like Maine, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  Looks like blowing snow and cold temperatures go almost as far as rays of sunshine to keep people friendly and relaxed.  Although the study didn’t measure friendliness per se, I’m including that requirement within happiness.  Seems hard to be happy when surrounded by unfriendly people.  So assuming my assumption is correct, it’s a bit funny, isn’t it, that the more moderate climate states came in as the least happy?  Temperate states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana, and Michigan ranked in the bottom ten.  The numbers, at least in this study, seem to bear out my extreme climate analysis.  The only anomaly is California, that earthly paradise (but it’s also an anomaly in many other ways.)  Despite being a sunny state it ranked forty-sixth!  The researchers claimed that many see California as a promised land of sorts, and therefore flock to it, leaving it over-congested and too expensive.  Not so sure that’s a solid enough answer because many people also flock to Florida and Hawai’i yet they’re still ranked second and third place respectively.

It’s an interesting study, and if, as I suspect, climate truly is a factor in happiness, and happiness a factor in longevity and health living, then perhaps we ought not to assume that only sun equals warmth and happy and cold equals frigid and lonely.  I might need  to scratch both New York and Pennsylvania off my list of places to settle down in and maybe give a thought to Wyoming or South Dakota.  For the moment though, I’m gonna go out in the snow for a bit and feel like a kid again.  Next time you’re out in the snow . . . or sun, try to spread that warm feeling to the people you meet on the street.  Throw ’em a smile as you stomp through the snow or saunter down the beach.  It’ll bring a smile to their faces too.  Maybe that’s why everyone who knows me knows that I love the snow and want it to fall in droves.  I’m never happier than when we’re buried in.  People get warm and cozy and friendly too.

So, I say . . . let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

December 19, 2009 at 23:26

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  1. One of the best days to watch your dog romp through virgin snow covered fields in Central Park


    December 20, 2009 at 12:30

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