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A Cold Blustery Walk Home

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Total Black: $63.30
Total Red: $230,428.32

As I walked to the subway this morning, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand, I remembered that my subway card was per use and not unlimited monthly.  Last week, when it ran out, I thought I’d save a bit and buy per ride instead of the monthly pass because of the days I’d lose this month over the holidays.  Not a smart idea as I forgot that I was running low on rides on the card and I spent the few remaining dollars I had on that damn cup of coffee.  I had enough to get me to work on time, but nothing to get me back home.

So I walked.  From Wall Street to Midtown, most of the way straight up Broadway.  I mentioned in Shames Most Financial that I had done that walk a few times before back in April when I was working pro bono in Brooklyn.  I got caught without enough money for the subway.  Then I had to walk to work and back.  But it was warm.  Last night, the temperature hovered just at freezing.  The wind was blowing so strong that it wiped my runny nose dry.  And dress shoes are not the greatest for snow and ice . . . and salt.

But I made it back.  It only took two hours, including a break at Barnes & Noble in Union Square where I used my $10 gift card that I received as part of the Secret Santa gift exchange at the theatre.  I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch because I’m low on cash.  I had sent $48.25 times two back to my PayPal account, the amount I’ve received in donations.  I ended up having to borrow that money, but I promised I’d return it.  I’ve made a commitment not to touch any donations I receive until I’ve received enough to make a dent in a debt.  I want to take that money and throw it at a debt, not use it for laundry or groceries.  So, now that I’m getting paid weekly from two jobs, I figured I could “afford” to return that money to my PayPal account.  That was a bit premature.  But it still hasn’t posted to the account, going on five days now, so basically that money has been locked up until PayPal and Bank of American stop screwing around.

At any rate, I realized today an important lesson.  Always make sure you can get yourself home.  I’m lucky that Manhattan is so walkable.  And despite the cold and the snow and the wind and the ice, it was an ok walk home.  I listened to music and watched at all the shoppers bustling to and fro with their packages.  I strolled through the Christmas market at Union Square.  And, as I mentioned, I stopped off at Barnes & Noble for some food and a chance to thaw.  But come Thursday when we get paid, I’ll be sure to purchase a subway pass with a few rides on it that will get tucked away in my wallet for situations like today.  Always make sure you can get home.  Looks like I’ll be walking to work again tomorrow unless that PayPal money gets released by the morning.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

December 21, 2009 at 23:04

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