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Total Black: $684.48
Total Red: $230,715.35

Once again I went out last night with people from the theatre gig.  I jumped at the chance.  This time one of the four guys I spoke of in Jollification didn’t come out again last night.  That meant we were only four and without a wingwoman, if you will.  Only three of the guys were the same.   That slightly changed the vibe I suspect.  I went out hoping for a repeat of the time I spoke of in Jollification, but that didn’t really happen.

We started out at a club called Hiro Lounge in Chelsea.  It’s an awesome, multi-level, Asian-themed ballroom that’s turns into a dance club at night.  The club only serve Asian-imported beers.  Just an all-round cool spot.  For some reason though, the vibe from the night before was not coming.  None of us were feeling it.  The music didn’t really click and the space didn’t really take off.  As a gemini—well, I’m not sure if it’s due to my gemini-ness, if you will, but I attribute it to being a gemini—I really detest leaderless groups.  I can be a content follower or a leader—hence the gemini reference, twin personas—but I don’t like the in between.  One guy in our group was our de facto leader because he picked the locales we went to, but he didn’t take responsibility for making sure we were all having a good time.  It seemed more like we just followed him wherever he wanted to go.  Again, I wouldn’t have complained.  I can have a blast anywhere.  My blast depends more on the people than the places.

We moved on to G Lounge just a few spots away.  Again fun and lively.  I’ve been there many times.  I enjoy the G spot on occasion.  But yet again we seemed to be like four bottoms in search of a top, to loosely paraphrase Pirandello.  The urinals at G situated along the back wall and without privacy barriers, which allows the patrons, if they choose, to do a bit of comparison shopping.  At one point in the evening, I thought I’d do some shopping.  Apparently the checkout lines took too long because by the time I completed my purchase, my posse was gone.  I searched the bar for them, going round and round a few times.  It’s only a one-level place, so there couldn’t be many places they would be.  I only had the telephone number of one of the four of them—the guy I drunk texted with in Jollification—and it turned out he didn’t have his cell on him.  So thinking I’d been ditched, I left the bar in search of some place else.  That story I’ll tell another day.

Now I’m left roughly eighty dollars in the hole because I wanted to recreate an awesome night.  Part of making new friends is repetition.  Every occasion cannot be an eighty-dollar blast, however.  Jollification didn’t really cost me anything, in a manner of speaking, because there I spent tips I had earned that night.  Tonight I spent my own pay.  New Yorkers don’t really entertain in their homes.  Something I noted all the way back in my first post In Medias Res.  I suspect it’s because New York apartments are tiny and oftentimes not well maintained.  Both friends and lovers cost money, but more so in Manhattan where making friends means going places together whether those places be a bar, a club, a diner, or the movies.  Even meeting up for a coffee costs a few bucks.  So this recent upswing in my social stature has me wondering whether I’m financially solvent enough to afford friends.  Sad, but possibly true.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

December 27, 2009 at 23:20

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  1. {tapping fingers} It is tomorrow.


    December 29, 2009 at 16:52

  2. ugh. aren’t you worried about your future? i’m not sure you want to be posting things like this for the world to see.


    December 31, 2009 at 17:02

  3. I hear ya. I have worried about that. But frankly I committed to “confessing” and that’s part of my blogger persona, and publishing anonymously is guaranteed to me by the First Amendment.

    But besides that, many of us are hypocrites because we do things like get lap dances or visit prostitutes in Las Vegas or tip go-go boys in bars, but then look down our noses at others who do it as well. It’s this schizophrenia America has with its sexuality. Internet porn, for example, wouldn’t be such a booming business if people weren’t buying it. If we could peek at the browsing history of many of our colleagues we’d probably be shocked.

    I suppose bar council could try to force me, for example, to reveal who I am and say I’m shedding negative light on the profession. But if one lawyer-blogger’s post is sufficient to bring negative light on the profession, then bar council would have to go after every lawyer who watched porn, or every lawyer that visited a strip club and paid for a lap dance, and on and on.

    It is a valid concern, James. Especially given the story I described in Creature of the Night. But I won’t let my creativity be constrained by conservative social mores. The best aspect of the marketplace of ideas is that if we don’t like something we get to stop listening . . . or, in this case, reading. 🙂

    Laid-off Lawyer

    December 31, 2009 at 17:38

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