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Waiting By the Phone

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Total Black: $537.60
Total Red: $230,773.68

Still on hold for the new contract attorney position.  I received about three calls yesterday from the temp agency, including the last call at 10pm from a personal cell phone just to update me about the lack of response from the law firm.  That’s pretty good service and frankly it underscores the points I made in Bah! Humbug! about the willingness of temporary attorney staffing agencies to keep temp attorneys and prospective ones updated  about projects during off-hours.  This morning again the temp agency called to let me know that they still hadn’t heard back from the partner at that law firm.  But they did pass along that they have another law firm that will need attorneys to start tomorrow.  So they’re submitting me to that firm as well.

For now I’m on stand-by just in case this second law firm wants me to throw on the suit and interview before starting the project tomorrow.  Good thing I can wait by the phone on the go.

Later today I have to visit the doctor for the medical experiment.  We’re at visit 11.  The experiment should be wrapping up soon, which will mean about five hundred dollars cash.  Although things got off to a bad start, as pointed out in Good News & Bad, the pills I’m on have since steadily helped improved my mood and outlook.  I’m not sure what next steps are once the experiment ends.  I could get a prescription for the drug that’s already been FDA-approved.  But assuming I’m not on a placebo, I hope that ceasing the test drug won’t have any serious side effects.  The drug manufacturers must have to have planned for that, right?  You can’t just pull someone off a psychotropic drug, put some cash in their hand, and send them out the door.  I’ll have to ask today what the winding-up plan is.  I recall they mentioned something about continuing on the drug after the initial test phase is over, but I don’t know if I want to continue with these bi-monthly visits.  This visit is already late as I was scheduled on the 30th but couldn’t make it because of work at the theatre gig.  For once I made the doctor wait instead of giving up hours at work.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

January 5, 2010 at 11:42

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