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Mad Men

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Total Black: $1416.55
Total Red: $229,633.86

The final comment received last night on Vindication! summed up much of my consternation about the explosion of comments in that post and of late in general.  I’ve said repeatedly that I welcome comments.  In part because they motivate me.  As I write this it’s just before 7 am.  I’m awake, and didn’t hit snooze repeatedly today because the anger coursing through my veins this morning when I woke, and recalled yesterday’s whipping, bolted me out of bed.  I might not get in to the contract attorney for 7 a.m. today, because I’m staying true to my Resolutions For the New Year, but I’ll be in by 8 a.m. for sure.  But beyond some twisted form of masochistic motivation, what’s the function of blogosphere comments?

Certainly one’s initial comment serves a function: a sense of arrival within the blogosphere when a stranger finds your words motivating enough to comment on them.  And even the first negative comment one receives serves a similar function.  Then there’s the advice comment, the type that actually serves up advice, not couched criticism.  Then there’s the informational comment that let me know about; clearly a valuable function.  But then there’s always the one-off comment.  Neutral really.  Just an observation someone shares.  And we all understand the self-marketing comment.  (I’ve employed that one myself on many sites.)  The slap-on-the-ass comment can work to get you going when you’ve fallen behind, as I did with my posts during he holidays this past year.  But beyond those examples, what function does the piss-on-you comment serve?  Or the derision comment?

I find it facinating that the bulk of commenters out there are men.  And they’re angry men.  Mad men, if you will.  Mad, mad men.  Why?  What has people so worked up and hot under their starched white collars that they take time out of their day to bitch-slap, criticize, or even complement a stranger?  And who are these Masked Mad Men? When I comment, at least initially, it’s to pass along some information or share a point of view.  Occasionally, I’ll engage in the back-and-forth with other commenters.  My comments on Above the Law are one example.  But the venom and vitriol of these mad men out there confuse me.  Are they bored with their lives?  Are they not getting it at home from their wives?  What gives?  I really couldn’t get so upset by someone else’s blog.  It’s like the bile aimed at Fox News or MSNBC.  I just change the channel.  But then again, I’ve always been the laid-back type.  I’m the customer who doesn’t complain.  I just don’t return.  C’est la vie, eh?

Total black is up.  Pay from theatre gig and from the contract attorney position came through over night.  Total black doesn’t include the medical experiment money yet.  I must pick up that check today.  And I already made a few payments—final payment to the New York Times for my former newspaper subscription and a payment to one of my credit cards, so it’s a bit less than what came in overnight.  I’ll be going to the bank today for a cashier’s check to get $1,000 to the landlord.  They’ll get the balance in a week.  I’m not going into zero again (or below that) by not buying food and such basic necessities.  The bank run to pay my debtors must wait until I’ve got food in the fridge and something in the cupboards.  Otherwise, I’ll just fall back into the cycle of buying meals at fast-food spots for lunch and dinner.

For all the naysayers out there complaining about my second job, I’ll say this: currently I can’t work on Sundays at the contract attorney position and working one Sunday, this one past, where I sold candy to theatre goers and received 10% back in commission on total profits—I earned nearly $100 for roughly three hours of work.  That right there is groceries.  And then some, actually.  So yes: I’m keeping that position.  And getting as many shifts as possible.  Pay from the theatre gig netted me nearly $200 for the week.  That’s almost $1,000 a month (depending on how the weeks land).  Half of my rent can come just from that theatre gig.  Why would I give that up?

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

January 21, 2010 at 07:35

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  1. You think the male comments are “mad” ANC “angry” because you fundamentlly don’t understand men and how they think: it’s offtopic anyway but keep on hoping for a miracle.


    January 21, 2010 at 12:58

  2. Damn it…you tempted me to click on all of those “comment” links and I made the giant mistake to click on the derision one and begin to read your post.

    Now tell me how I’m supposed to scrub those images out of my mind?! “The Cock”? “Hit the head before I hit the head!”

    Please, please…put a little asterisk or something next to the link next time if it leads to hard-core gay porn narrative!



    January 21, 2010 at 17:35

  3. Don’t worry man. You’ll live. Just think of tits and ass and all jazz and you’ll be fine. Clear your mind in a jiffy.

    But of course, now you’ve got a frame of reference to relate to gay peoples and what we feel like when we have to hear straight people talk about their sexual conquests.

    Learn something new each day, eh? 😉

    Laid-off Lawyer

    January 21, 2010 at 17:55

  4. Consider us the dad you never had; if you were appropriately “bitch slapped” as a child then we would not need to do it now. You were clearly coddled as a child ( probably by your poor mother ) and see anything different as anger ; fine , it’s your life. Interestingly it is only women posters here that continue to coddle you; something in your pathetic story seems to bring out their mother instinct. Good luck.

    PS: How many more months until you’re debt free?


    January 22, 2010 at 05:52

  5. according to the ticker up top he’s only 6 months 2 weeks and 4 days from DEBT FREEDOM!!!!!!!!


    January 22, 2010 at 12:30

  6. Hi guys, if you look back at the couple of comment posts that I have made, you will see that I took LOL to task for not having a budget, not realizing that he could not afford his lifestyle even when he had a full-time job, not realizing when he was incurring all his school debt that it was a millstone around his neck, etc. However, I wasn’t particularly “mean” about it, though I was pretty forceful. While your instinct to shake him up enough to realize how monumental the task he faces is and how ineffectual his attempts at wishing the problem away have been is understandable, getting angry at him and name-calling isn’t going to get your point across any better. While LOL clearly has no clue about buckling down and living below his means (“I forgot to stop charging meals out”?), or about what actual deprivation is (“but I NEED an iphone”), he is making some effort to improve his lot and his awareness of the hole he finds himself in. And while he certainly didn’t show good sense in committing to the volumes of student-loan debt that he carries, (anyone with a calculator could have seen prior to getting the loans that that much student loan debt would likely prohibit choices such as buying a home or having kids) thousands of other people around the country find themselves in the same student-loan debt pit, or the filmmaker he referenced wouldn’t be trying to make a movie about people just like him. I’m not saying to give him a break — he doesn’t deserve one, because he is purposefully putting his information out here on the web seeking your comments. But the vitriol is unnecessary.


    January 22, 2010 at 14:00

  7. Seriously, what’s going on with the pro bono client?


    January 22, 2010 at 14:01

  8. Now we can’t be angry on the internet? Why not? Angry comments are much funnier than “I feel sorry for you comments”.

    Minnesota Man

    January 22, 2010 at 19:31

  9. I suppose.

    I guess I’m a “square” though, because I’ve never even gone to a “titty bar.” I also thought (and maybe I’m right) that all of those “gay guys are overly promiscuous” were just rumors and slander in order for the anti-gays to look at all gays as a bunch of hump and suck happy perverts.

    So, off topic as it is, what has your experience been? I mean, I don’t know of too many bars where I could walk in and see guys and girls performing oral sex on each other and having women lined up to take it doggy-style by whoever felt the urge to “saddle up.”

    Anyway…check out the “straight talk” (no anti-gay pun intended) cell phone plan. You can get a smart phone and pay $30 per month with no contract. I’m sure you can do anything you need to do on one of their higher-end phones and it would be a lot cheaper than going the iPhone route.



    January 22, 2010 at 19:41

  10. Eh…well…stereotypes are based on truth, right? 😉 But all joking aside, yeah, gay men definitely get more access to sex than any other group. Straight guys have to pay for it: either a lap dance or a prostitute; or dinner and a movie; or drinks; or jewelry. Right? Sometimes I do feel sorry for you all. You have to go through so much effort just to get a lil’ somethin’.

    But that said, I suppose you’ve not been to New York, eh? I was once in a club that’s a straight S&M club by night (and a gay club by late night). There’s been Law & Order SVU episodes about straight swinger sex clubs. It’s out there, if you’re interested in finding it.

    Human beings need physical contact. If I knew why, I’d be rich. We do. Whether it’s a hug or an embrace or just a hand holding yours—or something more—we need it. That’s what the post you referred to was truly about. And my realization that part of my debt, or maybe more so my delay in getting out of it, was because of my willingness to pay for opportunities that might, or might not, fulfill that need.

    But yeah, I’ve seen plenty of saddling up happening in bars in my day. All around the world, in fact. I’m sure it’s out there for the straight world too.

    Here’s one link: Took a while to find. I don’t know whether you’re expected to come partnered though. I do recall seeing some sex show once—maybe on HBO’s Real Sex series?—about a safe gangbang. Women who have fantasies about being with multiple guys at the same time, but she pre-selects the guys she feels safe with beforehand. If one group’s doing it, you can be sure another is as well. We’re all only human after all.

    Laid-off Lawyer

    January 24, 2010 at 23:37

  11. Listen fuckers – I offered some kind advice to Mr. Laid-Off a while back and got mad at some of you aka Spectacle Comment. Not because I want to “coddle” Mr. Laid-Off but because I too have a blog and I know only too well how bored, stupid, lazy, angry unemployed or unhappy people can leave nasty comments – not because they care or have any real advice – but just to jar someone and make them feel as miserable as they are feeling while sitting scratching their ass in their mama’s basement. So fuck off – or stay – but we all know your game. Some of the comments are actually quite funny and constructive – but some are just plain mean. And all you mean assholes can kiss my little red ass!!


    January 26, 2010 at 02:04

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