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Nose to the Grindstone

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Total Black: $83.81
Total Red: $228,872.01

Late post.  Had my nose to the grindstone all day at the contract attorney position and then at the theatre.  Crazy day tomorrow too because I’m scheduled for four shifts at the theatre and I’ll also be working at the contract attorney position before and between those shifts.  But it’s all worth it to keep bringing that debt down.

Total Black is down but only because it has all been disbursed already.  Part went to COBRA payments for December and January.  I had mentioned in COBRA Con that I was considering not continuing health care coverage through my former law firm’s COBRA plan because the cost would have shot up to over $500 a month once the Stimulus Plan subsidies ran out.  Thankfully Congress renewed the subsidies so I’m keeping coverage.  It’s a good plan and for now I’ll keep that coverage, especially after my drunken debacle in A Day Without A Post, which would have cost me $626.00 for a three-block ambulance ride (thankfully the hospital’s emergency room never admitted me); instead it only cost $49.00 because insurance covered the bulk.

I also stocked up on groceries and then allocated the balance to pay down debts.  Thus, the amount reflected above is mostly what I have in mutual funds.  For the week there’s no cash on hand.  Well, I have a twenty stuffed in a slot in my wallet, but that’s for an emergency.  I walk to work now, willingly—unlike my forced-walk back in A Cold Blustery Walk Home—so I haven’t bought a subway pass in a while.  After my last experience of being caught between paychecks and unable to afford a subway ride, I bought two month passes to the subway and also put about twenty dollars on a separate per-ride card to ensure I didn’t find myself in that same situation.  One pass is nearly up; the other won’t start to run until I use it for the first time.  For now, if I do need to take the train somewhere, I can use the per-ride card to get around and still have that back-up transit card available.  I learned that lesson and won’t need to repeat it again.

Otherwise, I am ready to hunker down, as it were, for the upcoming week and just keep my nose to that grindstone.  By tomorrow evening, I’ll have put in about fifty-eight hours this week at the contract attorney position and worked eight shifts at the theatre gig.  Next week my shifts at the theatre are fewer and so I’ll be able to max out my time at the contract attorney position.

Total red is also down.  Only got about $700 more before paying off a credit card by the end of January per my goal in Resolutions For the New Year.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

January 22, 2010 at 23:59

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  1. It doesn’t count if you pay off one debt with the money that was supposed to go to a necessary expense you have to pay — if you pay off a credit card with what was supposed to be rent money, for example, because you still have the same total debt — you still owe rent, and you incur late fees and possible legal expenses if your landlord tried to evict you (again). But because rent isn’t on your debt tracker, you just think you’re making progress. If you move in with your mom, however, then you can legitimately use what formerly was rent money to pay down debt without racking up new, untracked debt. Do you see the distiction?


    January 25, 2010 at 08:59

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