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The Fourth Wall

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Total Black: $83.81
Total Red: $228,965.35

I was reviewing Sleep, It Does a Body Good in my mind while walking back from the dry cleaners this morning.  I realized that I had started predicting comments or at least anticipating them within the body of my post before posting it.  I’ve done it a few times now, though mostly in reference to prior comments on prior posts.  I won’t do that again.  I realized I broke the fourth wall.  And generally, I hate it when shows break the fourth wall.

In theatre the fourth wall serves an important function.  It allows the audience to watch the performance from the safety and comfort of their chairs all while remaining politely detached.  They needn’t worry that the action ensuing on stage will spill over into their lives, or laps.  I hate when shows break the fourth wall: when audience members are pulled up on stage or when actors (painted like cats) come down into the audience.  In some shows it works well.  So, I’m no Nazi about it, but in general I dislike audience participation.  Probably because I just get too embarrassed for the person roped into the show.  At any rate, I think going forward I should resume writing whatever it is I sat down to write and leave the discussion and commentary for the comments.  It’s sort of like audience members coming up to you after the show to talk with you about your performance.  At any rate, on with the show, eh?

Total black has stayed the same.  I suppose that’s good given market fluctuations this past week or so.  Total red has crept up a bit from the past few days, but it is still down over $1,500 from last week.  Slow and steady wins the race, eh?  And speaking of slow and steady . . . that’ll be my walk to work today through the rain.  Although many scientists rebuke the idea of fluctuations in temperature or going outdoors with wet hair as having any effect on our bodies catching something, I’m not too sure.  I arrived at work in a sweat many times last week from rushing from one job back to the other.  Thankfully, I’m keeping at bay whatever has been trying to take hold.  My throat is still sore and I’m still feeling achy.  So I’m not rushing again today.  Especially since I’ll get to put in my thirteen hour day finally.  If all goes well, that’ll be a seventy-eight hour week!

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

January 25, 2010 at 08:29

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  1. Tips for blogging:

    (1) Reference your own blog in blog posts
    (2) Get angry at people who comment on your blog if they don’t agree with what you blog

    Minnesota Man

    January 25, 2010 at 21:59

  2. The best writing comes when you are pouring out raw emotion. It’s hard not to think of comments when writing – I do that too but then my writing is always a little pale and stiff compared to what it would have been had I not thought about other people’s comments – especially comments from people I have never even met and I am not even sure they are halfway decent or sane. The people commenting are not exactly the New York Times critics or the Nobel Prize committee – you don’t know who they are – any jacko with an internet connection can comment. It’s silly to be held hostage by them – write what you believe in. Try not to think of them while writing – on the other hand not all the “negative comments” are bad – some offer good advice, a good bitch-slap or two – and we could all use a good bitch-slap once in a while. Just don’t take it all too personally.


    January 26, 2010 at 02:21

  3. At this point am I safe to assume that moving out of your apartment at the end of you lease is an option? I forget where you said your mom lives, but if there would be similar job opportunities there that really would help you if you could spend a couple years devoting all of that extra cash to your debt.

    That being said, I also realize that your choice on where to live is something that just might be non-negotiable. I’m sure the “gay scene” in Lancaster, PA (or wherever) is a tad different than in NYC, right?!

    So I understand if you want to stay in/around NYC, but how about sharing a house with a bunch of other guys/girls? Or renting a room in a house? Of course, I know that I need my “private space” and would never want to do either of those things, and maybe you’re the same way.

    Lastly, in your post, you mentioned that your total black staying the same was good considering the activity/action in the markets last week. Do you have stock market investments that you haven’t mentioned?

    If you do, let me again remind you to bookmark my blog (click my name)… over the three day period last week all three major market averages lost 5% or more and my WDSOS was only down 1.7%. I know that you don’t have the savings to take advantage of it now, but by the time you do there will be more of a track record of success with WDSOS and perhaps it might help you.

    Take care, and did you check out that “straight talk” cell phone plan I mentioned? $30 per month…can’t beat it.


    January 26, 2010 at 08:28

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