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Survivor Guilt

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Total Black : $303.49
Total Red: $228,853.79

I learned yesterday morning that the temp job I’m on will be over on Monday.  But not for me.  The firm has asked me and another person to stay on longer.   The temporary attorney staffing agency called me yesterday morning and informed me.  They also asked me to be discreet and not mention this to anyone else on the project.  The catch: there’s only three of us on the project.  So all day yesterday I had to listen to the other attorney on the project, the third has practically been moved permanently to a conference room in the firm, go on about the “signs” and how it looks like the project might be winding down and how another week on the project would be great.  I had emailed Tom the Temp to ask for his advice.  Nothing back yet.  I wondered whether there were any unspoken temp attorney rules on such matters.  Where does my allegiances lie?  With my employer?  Or with my fellow temps?  Feels like an episode of Survivor. Keep reading . . .

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January 29, 2010 at 09:27