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Late Night

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Total Black: $222.26
Total Red: $228,854.86

Despite this post not appearing on time, this was not another day without a post.  At least not technically speaking.

I worked at the contract attorney position for about seven hours or so.  The guy I referred to in Survivor Guilt was ultimately cut on Friday evening some time after I departed for a shift at the theatre.  I arrived to work on Saturday to instructions from one of the attorneys at the firm (he’s not an associate technically; a staff attorney perhaps) that I should use another login access number because one had been disconnected.  By chance the number that had been disconnected was the same I used so I asked whether it mattered which of the other two I used—there were only three of us on this project.  The attorney then informed me that the other guy wouldn’t be working on the project any longer.  No further details were provided, which leaves me wondering whether they were running out of work, money, both, or neither.

After working my hours, I went to the gym, returned home with two slices of pizza I had grabbed along the way, and then headed over to the Time Out Lounge at New World Stages.  Two of the three cast members of Drama Queenz, a comedy web series, work at New World Stages and had scheduled an event at Secret Lounge in Chelsea to promote their show.  I figured people from the theatre would be attending, so I walked over to work to meet up with anyone heading over and perhaps share a taxi.  Turned out that one of the women who works at New World Stages was celebrating her birthday at GalleryBar on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, so the few people I found at work, two of whom included the guys I went out with in Jollification and And More Jollification, who were going to the Drama Queenz event, were also stopping first to show faces and wish well.  So I tagged along.  While waiting in line outside GalleryBar, I realized that I hadn’t posted that day’s entry and that I would for sure not arrive home within any reasonable stretch of a poetic license regarding time-stamps.  So instead, I posted a quick placeholder via WordPress’s iPhone app.  But it didn’t take.

I find it interesting that last night was the first night so far where I almost completely forgot about the blog.  Perhaps because I’d gotten into a rhythm over the past week or so of posting in the morning and not having to think about it in the evenings.  Ultimately I did remember, and it was just after 11pm when I did, it’s just that the post via the WordPress iPhone app didn’t take.  Not sure why.  I had thought about posting the entire entry via the iPhone while at the bar.  Wouldn’t have mattered much because I ended up feeling quite like a tag-along for sure.  The night ultimately didn’t end until after 4am, but then that would be another day’s post.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

January 30, 2010 at 23:05

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