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Welcome Rest

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Total Black: $3,978.75
Total Red: $226,702.78

I had to post a placeholder entry via the iPhone WordPress app.  I haven’t paid the Time Warner bill for internet and telephone and so they suspended my service.  Really annoying to need the internet to pay for the internet.  One welcome aspect to suspended service: my telephone, and I have, enjoyed a welcome rest.  It’s been quite.  No one can get through on the telephone to call me about my debts.

Today’s post is short again because I’m home sick still.  Bad cold.  I’ve spent nearly the entire day in bed, except for the three hours I worked at the theatre today.  You can’t really call in sick there.  Well, you can, of course.  But it’s not like the contract attorney position.  I couldn’t really just stand there for a few hours and get paid.

I must say though, I’ve needed this rest.  Even if it does end up costing me over $700.  Crazy, eh?  Sickness sucks.

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March 4, 2010 at 23:27