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Dream Big, Dear Gemini

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Total Black: $157.47
Total Red: $226,109.88

Ah horoscopes.  Most of the time, they’re just a vague blurb we glance at in the newspaper or perhaps on one those elevator TV screens.  And quite often, it means nothing.  But then there’s Susan Miller.  My cousin brought her to my attention a few months back.  I downloaded Miller’s astrology app for my iPhone.  And whether true or not, her horoscopes, at least for Geminis, have been uplifting.

Check out a bit of what she wrote for the month of March for Gemini:

When it comes to your career, all systems are GO!  Rarely have you seen a lineup like what’s due for you in March. . . .  During the coming four weeks, you need to focus squarely on your career because March has the potential to become not only your biggest month of 2010, but also one of your biggest of the decade!  Can you imagine that? You are about to have a chance to make a big name for yourself, and when it all comes together for you, no one will be more amazed than you.

Dream big, dear Gemini – this is a month when even miracles can come true.  You have not seen anything even close to what’s on tap here since 1998-1999 (you may have been too little to feel it), and if you do remember those years with fond memories, this year could turn out to be bigger and better. . . .

You may have felt backlogged or that you have run into continual delays, but no longer.  You are about to see big progress in any endeavor involving writing, editing, speaking, translating, research, marketing, PR, advertising, promotion, and even sales. . . .

Neptune, the planet that naturally rules (and runs) your solar tenth house of fame, is now within three tiny degrees of entering your career achievement sector (tenth house) and is now close enough to help you gain recognition.  This is significant. . . .  Neptune has been in your foreign people and places / higher education / publishing and broadcasting house for years, but will soon enter your house of fame.

It doesn’t matter how old you happen to be – you have one amazing destiny coming up, dear Gemini, for having the ruler of the house of fame moving INTO the house of fame will give that planet special dignity and weight.  It will become easier for you to make your views and style known, and to be taken seriously by influential people.

With that sort of horoscope, who can’t help but feel a bit of hope and excitement creeping in?

My jury’s still out on horoscopes.  Sometimes they are eerily prescient and oddly on point, especially when discussing personality traits of the various signs.  But other times, they utterly fail to hit the mark.  Humanity has searched the heavens for guidance and answers probably since our birth on the planet.  Thousands of years ago the Maya used the stars and plants to calculate one of the most amazing and stunningly accurate calendars.  Maybe there’s something up there after all?  I don’t presume to know.

What I can say, however, is that this month has, already, become quite interesting.  The end of February and the first days in March ushered in the opportunity I mentioned in Decisions, Decisions.  On March 1st, the attorney from Pushing Back and Fight, Flight, or Freeze emailed me asking if I’d like to assist him with a lawsuit he might bring based on the research I conducted.  I said yes, but then was down last week with a cold, so I just followed up with him again today.  And then yesterday a clerk to the federal judge I interned for during law school alerted me to a clerkship opportunity; this opportunity would also have me leaving New York.  And I said yes to each of those offers.

Total red is up a bit: I had to put the internet / telephone bill on my AmEx card.  I also paid $500 towards my IRS debt and put that on the card as well.  It’s been weighing on my mind too much and I don’t have cash to send to the IRS.  I’ll bring the AmEx card back down over the next few weeks.  The contract attorney position is ramping up a bit.  I might be able to finally break seventy hours this week.  As noted in Fine Line, I worked all day at the theatre on Sunday mostly because of a lull in assignments.  At least I made up for it with some sort of work.

Pretty good start to the month, eh?  And it’s only just begun.  Keep it coming, Universe.  Keep it coming.  Oh yeah . . . and thank you for these opportunities.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

March 8, 2010 at 23:12

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  1. Your debt isn’t down. You borrowed 4k from your mom and didn’t add it to total black.

    So … yeah


    March 9, 2010 at 21:49

  2. See the comments under “Fine Line.” It explains his reasoning about the debt.


    March 9, 2010 at 23:13

  3. Sorry…the comments are under “Coming Back Around.”


    March 9, 2010 at 23:14

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