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Peelin’ Potatoes

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Total Black: $208.06
Total Red: $227,326.64

Today feel more Sisyphean than ever on the contract attorney job.  The task was simple enough: type information into an excel spreadsheet—document ID number, date, a brief description, and so on.  But we had nearly two-thousand documents to write up and only a few 0f us working on it.  Still, yesterday we were making steady progress.  But today, every time we re-ran the numbers to check on our progress, the number of remaining documents increased.  Someone was continually adding more documents.  This image popped into my head of soldiers being forced to peel potatoes as punishment for some infraction.  Today it felt as if we were stuck peeling those potatoes and every time we got nearer the end, someone came along and dumped more potatoes on our piles. 

Of course, it was too much to expect that the attorneys on the case would have coordinated this task so that they’d be finished adding documents before we began to type them up.  It looks like this week is poised to be a long one as well.  I’m already past thirteen hours for the day and I probably have another hour or more to go.  I’m happy for it; I need the hours and the money.  Sure.  But that’s not always enough.  Even contract attorneys need to feel some sense of satisfaction.  Need to know that we’re accomplishing something.  We’re not some modern-day Penelope, untagging our documents at the end of the day to keep the vicious bill collectors at bay.

Guess I’ll end today’s post there.  I’ve got at least fifty more potatoes to peel.  Then I’ve got to clean up all the peelings.  Everyone else has left for the day.  Looks like I’m left holding the bag.

No change in total black or total red.  Everything’s on hold until pay comes through on Thursday.

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