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Pins and Needles

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Total Black: $0.67
Total Red: $229,570.75

No word on any front.  No telephone calls from either judge.  No rejection letters in the mail yet either.  Twenty-first century technology lends new meaning to waiting by the phone, especially when you carry it with you all day.

I arrived back in the city around 10:30am via an early morning bus.  Bus rides always intrigue me because of the people you encounter along the way.  The shorter bus trips—like back home to visit my mother—don’t really attract the curious characters that longer, cross-country rides do.  I’ve taken two very long trips: a one-way trip from New Orleans to New York City and then a round-trip from Seattle to San Jose.  And the Muppets thought the people that we meet when we’re walking down the street song-worthy.  Guess they never saw the crazies encroach while you’re riding in the coach.  Remember the guy in Canada who cut-off his seatmate’s head while everyone on the Greyhound bus watched?  That’s clearly the extreme, but I’ve seen my share of looney tunes.  A whacked-out-of-her-mind middle-aged passenger who laid down on a station bench before departure, then proceeded to moan and caress herself and reach orgasm, and while biting on her fingers, dislodged her false teeth, which then fell to the ground beside her.  She scooped them back up, and in, in time though.  That was San Jose.  She almost missed the bus, and nearly ended up sitting next to me too, when departure arrived.  But there’s also odd coincidences too: on the bus from New Orleans, I met a guy traveling to Scranton.  Scranton was my final destination too after a layover in New York.  What’s the chances, right?

There’s gotta be a movie in the bus trip.  And not “Get On the Bus” either—that was an organized trip.  I mean the oddballs, and the interesting people too, and the stories you hear—all while taking a bus trip.  And they all want to tell their stories too?  On a Greyhound back to Scranton this past Christmas, I met a guy heading to Syracuse who told me all about the cheating wife he left in North Carolina, and the guns in the bags under the bus.  Want to know the pulse of the country?  Take a bus trip and talk with your fellow passengers.  But alas, none of that today; my trip this morning was quiet and uneventful.  Mostly commuters heading to the city for work.  But the trip brought back memories of a few past bus adventures.

But once I was back, I was back.  Being out for a few days caught up with me at work.  I worked steadily from arrival until well past the witching hour.  And speaking of which, I’ve been wondering what’s brewing as far as this project goes.  Trial is coming up soon.  I had figured I’d be moving soon to begin life as a clerk.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Stuck on these pins and needles all day instead.  Hope won’t be completely abandoned until I have proof.  But I hate the waiting.

Both total red and black are down.  My mother cashed the first check I sent her so I reduced total red accordingly.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

March 30, 2010 at 23:13

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