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Another Late Night

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Total Black: $1,880.41
Total Red: $229,689.21

So I worked both jobs today.  It’s nearly midnight and it doesn’t look like I’m leaving any time soon. 

I hawked this morning for the early matinees of The Gazillion Bubble Show and ImaginOcean.  Not a lot of parents are excited to buy their children candy at 11am on a Sunday.  Hawkers earn 10% of what they sell on top of wages for the shift.  So if, as for a Saturday afternoon or evening show, I sell over $250.00 worth of snacks—I’ve just earned myself another $25.00.  It’s a decent way to earn money.  The hawker typically works three shifts on weekends and one shift Monday through Friday—excluding Tuesdays when the theatre is dark.  Ten shifts a week total if you hawked each shift.  That could work out to rent for the month.  Catch is that shifts get allocated based on seniority—and performance, I suppose.  I’d pick up more hawker shifts but currently I’m being hawk-blocked, so to speak.

After hawking I worked the 2pm matinee of The Temperamentals and, while watching the show I realized that, excluding Naked Boys Singing—which, as head usher, I must work—and yesterday’s shift at The 39 Steps, a new show at New World Stages—I haven’t ushered a performance in weeks.  And, as mentioned back in Done Stepping Down, I’m happy to be back working more shifts.  I’ve missed my theatre fix.

After work, I walked over to the temporary attorney staffing agency’s space to resume working on a research assignment I’d been given by a senior associate.  And I’ve been working on it since.  Contract attorneys don’t typically do substantive legal research, so I’ve been feeling a little rusty.  I haven’t used Westlaw, a legal research database, in over a year.  Coming along though.  A bit like riding a bike, eh?  But like a yahoo I told the associate I’d have it out to him by “tomorrow.”  “Tomorrow” was yesterday and I’m still working on it despite coming here as well last night after my theatre shifts and staying until 2am.  I’ve got to push through tonight and complete it.

I’ve been working late quite a lot lately.  I’m happy for the hours but it’s becoming a physical and mental drain.  If I could wave a magic wand, I’d turn myself into one of those people who wakes at 6am, then goes to the gym or out for a run, showers, eats breakfast, and reads a newspaper—all by 7:30am.  Then off to work for 8am.  The thought of joining the military just to be forced into becoming an early riser has crossed my mind a few times.  Ever since I was a wee lad, however, I’ve struggled with getting up early.  My mother had to holler repeatedly in the mornings to wake me up for school.  More than a few times I got out of bed, walked downstairs, went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and then laid on the floor and slept a bit longer.  And it wasn’t as if I had a bangin’ social life or anything.

I suppose these late nights are about to end soon.  But for now it’s off to Westlaw I go.

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  1. Well, I can’t say I agree with taking the far away clerk job, but congratulations anyway!

    I suppose that by doing so it at least will force you to dump your expensive apartment, which I don’t think you ever would have done had you NOT been forced to move, maybe it is a circuitous step in the right direction.

    And I’ll say it again (and again and again until you do it): get on the phone and negotiate a lower rate / payment plan with your credit card companies. Now you can let them know what your actual salary is, you can set up a direct debit for them (they may require that for a payment each month), and you can lower those rates by a good 20 points…

    You’re killing yourself by sitting on that “dumb” debt.

    Good Luck,



    April 13, 2010 at 11:40

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