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Total Black: $129.67
Total Red: $234,846.52

Out of curiosity I ran a google search earlier today for this blog to see what comes up.  One reference I spotted I hadn’t seen before.  Back in February, in response to a post on Bitter Lawyer, a commenter referenced my blog.  The post gave short caricatures of laid-off and unemployed lawyers.  I suppose I fell under number four: Me Can Blog Too. 

This isn’t the first time Bitter Lawyer cited my blog.  A few months back I got a hit from their article: Six ShitLaw Job Terms You Find On Craigslist.  I was cited as proof that lawyers were trolling Craigslist for jobs.  Somewhat true, I suppose.  I did search Craigslist.  But after I realized what was out there, I switched to searching for gigs.  The art selling gig and the theatre gig both happened through Craigslist.  But this recent cite was different and, as I mentioned, only indirectly from Bitter Lawyer.

From Bitter Lawyer’s Six Lawyers You Meet On the Unemployment Line:


I know… I’ll blog about being an unemployed lawyer.  That will lead to a book deal. The book will do decent sales, and Hollywood will option it for $1 million.  John Krasinski will play me in the movie, even though my wife says I’m WAY better looking.  When the film is nominated for an Oscar, the partners at my old firm will realize that they made a big mistake firing me.  But I won’t care.  Because I’ll be rich and famous.

All you need is a URL and a CMS, and the world is yours.  Yeah, that’s the plan, all right.  But hey, Mao had a plan too.  So before you start chronicling your despair, take a look at the Web and ask yourself how many lawyers already tried to do the exact same thing.  Ask yourself how much money they’ve made doing it.  How many job offers that blog netted them.  Then go do something worth your time.  Like audition for reality shows.  That’s how you really get ahead in America.

Not sure why, but there certainly is a plethora of laid-off, out-of-work, and unemployed lawyers blogging their days away.  And many, like me, have knighted themselves with employment monikers.  There’s the Unemployed Attorney’s Quest: whose blog, like mine, was inspired by Julie & Julia.  But unlike me, he or she dedicated the blog as a “place for those who come to commiserate, discuss, and vent about the stress all attorneys experience, whether employed or unemployed.”  The blog is pretty much now defunct; no new posts since November 2009, and only a total of five posts total at that.

Another, Jobless Lawyer, got started with a bang.  He (assumed gender) contacted me awhile back requesting a plug on my site, which I gave him in Small Town Boy in the Big City, even though I found it really odd to email a stranger and request a plug.  He did offer to help me with my blog in return but not much came of it.  Perhaps such tactics work since the ABA selected his site as a finalist in its 100 Blawgs.  Mine wasn’t.  Not to get *ahem* bitter but . . . he or she has only written approximately twelve posts and hasn’t added anything new since December 2009.  This is post is number 251 for me.  But I suppose that’s part of the complication when you only blog about being unemployed.  Once you gain employment, the function of your blog ceases.  That’s why I kept looking for a hook—and getting out of debt was mine.

But I Did Everything Right! is still plugging away and its author, Angel the Lawyer, has commented here  a few times.  Like UAQ, JL, and me, Angel first posted in Fall 2009.  Same for Jobless Juris Doctor.  Seems something happened over those few months.  Bar results?  Deferments?  Can’t be Julie & Julia, could it?  From one movie?  But maybe.  At least, that’s what Bitter Lawyer seems to imply.  And I’ll own my own guilt.  Definitely I had an idea in the back of my mind that perhaps something more could come of this blog.  But not simply because I’m on the “unemployment line,” as Bitter Lawyer posits, which, in my case, isn’t accurate any longer.  But rather simply because of the images that come to mind when I think of all the antics over the past year.  My pants ripping in front of customer in Antics of an Art Salesman.  Or the crazy characters back in Bubbles Galore when I helped out at the Macy’s Flower Show.  Certainly plenty of cameo roles for any scenes working the theatre gig: bubbles, and babies, and naked boys.  And then there’s contract attorneys themselves who provide volumes of material: Cookie Monsters, Retardists, and Adventures of a Contract Attorney alone bring vivid images to mind.  I’m told that temp attorneys are often referred to as clickers.  Imagine this huge Broadway musical number of rows of suits at computers monitors, clicking mouses, and reviewing documents.  Think Annie and “Hard-Knock Life.”

But this story still needs an ending.  And that remains to be seen.  At least, though, I can say that I have kept my commitment to post daily—even though a few times days go by before I can get the content up.  It’s still written in my head.  And I can say that I will keep going until the end of this project.

Whether I can still name myself “laid-off” though . . . now that’s a good question.

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