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Total Black: $73.51
Total Red: $234,846.52

Last night was the first night I somewhat voluntarily chose not to blog.  I say somewhat because it was only at roughly 2:25am that I woke up, slightly inebriated still, and remembered that I hadn’t posted.  But I was too tired to bother getting out of bed, running the numbers, and putting up a place holder.  So that means I’ll have two gaps in my year: one voluntarily and one not. 

I worked both jobs last night.  I left the contract attorney position for the theatre to hawk candy.  It had been a pretty quiet day email-wise.  Too quiet I thought.  Then came the email at 9:15pm, just as I was counting my candy and my change, asking if I was still at work or if not, whether I could return tonight or come in early tomorrow.  Ever the yes-man, I offered to do either, whichever was more convenient for the associate.  I was informed that it was up to me and was asked to print up a number of documents and run a few searches.

Going back after work meant I’d tack a few more hours on to my day, return home late, and then struggle to get up again the next morning.  Getting in early, however, meant I’d probably work longer, and therefore put in more hours overall.  So I opted to not return last night but instead come in early today.  Instead I stayed at the theatre after work.

Looking back over my time sheets from the contract attorney position: my last day off was on March 29th, as explained back in Court Jester when I traveled out-of-town to interview for the closer clerkship opportunity.  Not much of a day off at that since I spent much of the rest of that day down with a migraine.  Before that was On the Seventh Day . . . back on March 21st.  That was a true day off but only because I opted not to go in at all, not because there wasn’t work to do.  And before that?  March 3rd and 4th, as mentioned in Try With a Little Help and Welcome Rest, both because of an illness.  Beyond that I can’t say; I don’t have time sheets for January and February.  That means, of course, that I’ve been working for roughly thirty days straight without a break.  But I suppose that break is coming soon.

I finally told my boss last night that I’d be leaving soon.  She was understanding and perhaps even a bit sad too.  She suggested that I stay after work and hang out in the lounge with everyone.  Monday’s are open-mic night at the Time Out New York lounge at New World Stages.  I had a drink, chatted with some co-workers, then had another drink, which I didn’t have to pay for (it “pays” to make a few drinking pals).  A few cast members from Avenue Q were there hanging out as well.  Definitely opportunities to mingle with a few folks in the Broadway theatre scene.  And a few star sightings as well, if that’s your thing.  This past weekend Charliz Therzon came through.  And Liev Schreiber and a few cast members from Slumdog Millionaire came to see The Gazillion Bubble Show.  Whoppi Goldberg participated in a reading a few months back.  Betty Buckley and Peter Scolari are now starting in a new play, White’s Lies.  And, of course, Michael Urie has been around for a few months in The Temperamentals.  Plenty of chances to rub elbows.  And I suspect this is partly why I like working and hanging out there.  Not that I’m a starstruck or anything; quite the opposite frankly.  But you never know what opportunities may come your way through a simple conversation over a drink in a lounge.  Seems many deals and breaks and “ins” happen that way.  More difficult to imagine such things happening where I’m moving to.  So, perhaps I was feeling a bit nostalgic for the place and its potentials last night.  But by midnight it was time to head home to get some sleep.  Not very restful at that since I woke numerous times throughout.

Around 2am I woke realizing I hadn’t put up today’s post—not even the placeholder version.  But then, after thinking about having to run the numbers and all, I instead shrugged my shoulders and went back to sleep.  A few hours later at 4am I woke again, nervous that I had overslept.  I rolled over once more until bells and whistles went off at 6:30am and again at 6:45am.  But I don’t really remember them too clearly.  Thankfully that same internal clock kept ticking and woke me again at 7:15am.  I got to work for 8am.  By 8:45am the documents were on the associate’s chair.

Mission accomplished.

In other news, total black is up a bit because Bank of America pulled money from my credit card as an overdraft protection.  Last time that happened, the bank pulled $100 to cover a $2 ATM fee.  This, when the bank is not charging customers for bank fees over a certain amount per day.  Just another loophole they’ve found around their own policies.

Otherwise, I emailed the Colleague yesterday about the check.  He didn’t reply to my email but instead sent me a text asking me what my address was.  Clearly he hadn’t mailed out the check back on April 1st—as mentioned in Fool Me Once.  Maybe this time he will, eh?

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  1. Only time will tell, but I’m afraid that in your “new life” you’re going to be bored overall, but still overworked (you’re likely going to HAVE to take a 2nd job, but it will likely be much more boring than your theater job in NYC), and possibly further in debt.

    Have you crunched any numbers yet, since you have, in fact, accepted this further clerking job? I mean, average cost of apartments in an area that you want to live, cost for public transportation (or a vehicle, if you must), and other such things? If so, how does it stack up with your probable after-tax income at the new place?

    I’m sorry if you already put this in a prior post…I don’t think I missed any posts, but sometimes I do skim 😦



    April 20, 2010 at 12:37

  2. Forget the debt and the new job – what’s up with your love life…


    April 21, 2010 at 21:49

  3. Love life? Ha! What love life? At this point, I’m stuck between worlds. No sense starting anything here. And I’m not yet there either. Harmless flirting will have to suffice for now.

    Laid-off Lawyer

    April 21, 2010 at 22:08

  4. But if you know any rich young New Yorker willing to fly his private jet to visit me in my new location every weekend, then give me his number and I’ll give it go before I leave.

    Laid-off Lawyer

    April 21, 2010 at 22:09

  5. Ageism…

    You should take a rich old New Yorker also.


    April 22, 2010 at 14:39

  6. Eh…I’m not into daddies or sons. Just someone around my own age to grow old with. Don’t want to watch someone else get old; don’t want to have to school some young pup either. So my ageism is equal-opportunity. 😉

    Laid-off Lawyer

    April 22, 2010 at 15:01

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