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Runnin’ Me Ragged

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Total Black: $3,013.26
Total Red: $234,907.81

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.  Mine, unfortunately, doesn’t get to spend it with this child.  I worked all day.  Again.  At both jobs.  Again.  And in a few hours I fly to the new location to find for an apartment. 

So I returned home this morning around 3:30 am after One Long Day.  I didn’t get to bed until after 4am though because the human body is not a machine that can be switched off on demand.  And after a short nap, I woke after 10am for an 11am shift at the theatre.  Then worked as head usher for The Temperamentals matinee.

I am tired.  I finished work on Friday at 12:30am only be back at it on Saturday at less than six hours later.  On Saturday I finished at 3:00am only to be back at it less than six hours later.  And tonight I finished up just before midnight.

Talk about runnin’ me ragged.

Thankfully much of the work I’ve been tasked with is mainly manual: photocopying, hole-punching, assembling documents into binders, and so on.  I’d be a tad nervous if I had to use higher faculties night after night after repeatedly getting fewer than six hours of sleep.  But that’s only cold comfort.  What sucks more is needing the hours.

I mentioned back in Done Stepping Down that scaling back my hours at the theatre, with the expectation that my hours at the contract attorney job—the higher paying job—would increase, didn’t work out so well.  I ended up getting in fewer hours at both jobs.  Perhaps it coincided with a lull in the case I’ve been working on.  Not sure.  But I’m definitely at the opposite end of that spectrum now.  And what a pendulum swing it’s been.

Now I’ve got to toss some items in a suitcase and then get a few hours of sleep before my 8am flight tomorrow.  Er. . . rather later today.  Almost.

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  1. I like your blog and think the concept is great. To make your life easier just give us a textual update once per week. Pick one day and stick to it.

    You can keep updating your numbers on a daily basis with a fun title. This will take away the stress you are subjecting yourself to (knowingly or unknowingly) in an attempt to give us a daily textual update.

    Hope the clerkship is going well.


    May 10, 2010 at 12:13

  2. Agreed…

    Weekly or even twice a week would be plenty. Actually, no need to daily number updates either.

    A weekend update for updates of what is going on and what the numbers are would work fine.



    May 10, 2010 at 21:33

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