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The Tax Man Cometh

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Total Black: $895.39
Total Red: $236,627.92

Well, the dreaded day has arrived.  Another of those salmon-colored slips arrived the other day.  The same I decried back in Buggin’ Me Again.  I retrieved the piece of mail this morning.  It was the from the Internal Revenue Service.  Final Notice of Intent to Levy. 

I never did call the IRS back, after the message left in The Phone Call.  And the meeting I referenced back in Tax Day Approacheth informed me that a Notice of Intent to Levy really meant nothing.  It was the “final” notice that mattered; the same that informed you of your rights to appeal and triggered various due process protections.  That’s what arrived today.

But rather than sit back and weep and wail and chew my nails, I instead called the IRS immediately upon getting to the contract attorney position this morning.  Yes, I got in for 9:45am today after just a few hours since returning home yesterday at 4am after the all-nighter mentioned in Two Weeks Left.  Daily posts do get a bit hairy to untangle when your “day” spills over one into the next.  But I digress. 

So this morning I called the IRS. 

Phew.  Exhale.

It was not that bad.  Certainly nothing like the scolding I had last year, referenced in The Phone Call.  Seems a kindler, gentler IRS, a more Obama one than the Bush version I encountered last year—if one can employ such descriptors.  I first asked the IRS representative about a payment plan, noting that I understood that the IRS typically doesn’t permit payment plans when the balance owed exceeds $25,000.  The IRS representative explained to me that I could still enter into a payment plan with a balance over $25,000—total amount owed I learned is $33,889.85—but the IRS would still file a levy against me. 

So I next inquired about the possibility of bringing the balance under $25,000 and then entering into a payment plan—some way to avoid a levy.  The IRS representative then put me on hold, ran some numbers, and voila—instant levy-dodge: come up with $7,100 by June 28th and I’ll avoid a levy and also pay off the balance remaining on 2007 tax owed: $2,984.37, and also be able to enter into a monthly $500 payment plan on the balance.  Big exhale there!  Phew.  I wanted to jump through the telephone and kiss that woman. 

Once again, I lesson learned, back in Overactive Imagination, that hasn’t stuck: it’s never as bad as you imagine. 

Total red, then, is up because I was finally able to adjust the tax amounts owed.  Checking the past few days of accounting and one can see that those numbers haven’t budged over the past few months.  Because I stopped receiving monthly statements.  Because I couldn’t make monthly payments. 

Feels good now to be back on the path to bringing down these debts.  This blog journey has been derailed a bit by this move.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

May 17, 2010 at 23:59

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  1. You keep this up and they’ll foreclose on your blog!


    May 18, 2010 at 08:05

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