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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

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Total Black: $679.34
Total Red: $236,651.39

Despite best efforts, I have not been able to keep up with this blog on a daily basis.  Recent comments reveal readers frustrations as well.  Trust me, I’m there with my readers.  But given the hours I’ve been working lately, and all-nighters, like yesterday in Over and Over and Over Again, it’s damn near impossible to work two jobs and keep this blog current.  So I’ve compromised a bit. 

My About Me page notes that “[e]ach day I post my net income . . . and total debt load . . . .”  Permit me to lawyer a bit, but I never promised substantive text each day.  That’s what my practice has certainly morphed into, so readers definitely have an expectation that it will continue.  And as I’ve mentioned in prior posts, like Four of Six for example, I do have the posts prepared in my head.  The title sums it up and I need only insert the content.  A download from my mind to the page.  But this move and push through to the end has certainly impeded my best efforts. 

To all my readers out there, know that I am sorry.  Back during the Recession Art Sale I often stayed up late to post daily, often stumbling into sleepy ramblings.  I eventually cleaned up the post the next morning.  But during this phase of my blogging journey, it’s just not possible. 

Bear with me.  All these tomorrows will soon pay off.  For both of us.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

May 19, 2010 at 22:40

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