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Once Around the Sun

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Total Black: $682.66
Total Red: $236,874.29

Certainly feels like this day took me once around the sun.  It started at 9:30am and lasted, once again, until late, late in the morning, 4:30am, in fact.  And once again, as mentioned in Over and Over and Over Again, I’m left having to discuss one day that actually spanned two.

And . . . yet again . . . I spent the entire day redoing the same task as referenced back in Over and Over and Over Again and Runnin’ Me Ragged.  I’ve never wanted someone to testify more than I do now.  I’d throw that damn witness up on the stand myself if I could.  Because that seems to be the only way to finish for certain the prep for this witness’s cross-examination.

I started working at 9:30am at the contract attorney position and stayed there until about 12:45pm when I left to start four shifts at the theatre, three of which were pretty much back-to-back as Floater, a somewhat free-for-all shift—go where needed.  And then for the evening performance I worked Naked Boys Singing again.

Between shifts I was at least able to have a nice lunch with one of the crew members working for Avenue Q.  We chatted a bit about my upcoming good-bye party and my expectations about life in St. Croix.  She mentioned a fascinating book that I will have to track down: Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean by Edward Kritzler.  How intriguing!  Her detailing of the book got me thinking about the Caribbean in history, something I’d not thought of.  Any thoughts of moving to St. Croix or becoming a resident of the Caribbean, so to speak, has only been about present-day realities: what items won’t I find there, how hot will it be,  what about safety, foods I’ll discover and foods I’ll miss, and so on.  But the Caribbean has played such a pivotal and striking role in world history: Columbus and the Discovery of the New World, the Haitian Revolution, Colonial conquests in general . . . all the way to the present-day with Castro’s Cuba.  I await the day when I can relax by the pool, shown in Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, drink and book in hand, as the sun sets over the Caribbean sea.  Till then, I’m stuck photocopying papers and assembling binders.

And while doing that this evening, I watched Gattaca.  I’ve always found the film fascinating because of its predictions of how prejudices may play out in the future.  Tonight one line near the end caught my ear.  Ethan Hawke’s character, Vincent, expresses to his co-worker and love-interest, Irene, played Uma Thurman, his anxiousness about his upcoming flight to Titan, a moon of Saturn.  Vincent has only succeeded in the elite astronautics organization by becoming a “borrowed-ladder,” using DNA samples supplied by Jude Law’s character, Jerome.  Vincent was a natural-born child, a “faith-birth” or “de-gene-erate” in a genetically-engineered world: an “in-valid” in a world of “valids.”  His employment in the astronautics organization started as a janitor, the only position for which his DNA make-up authorized him.  So his anxiety about his upcoming trip is underscored by the fear being discovered.  At any rate, Vincent/Jerome mentions the upcoming flight to Titan to Irene and notes that he’ll be gone for a year, a long time, he says.  Irene responds quite poetically that it’s not very long at all.  “Just once around the sun,” she says.

What a beautiful way to describe 365 days.  Of course, the line struck me because of my upcoming trip and its similar duration.  Once around the sun.  Should I get a bit homesick or frustrated, it’s a nice mantra to invoke.

Ah . . . and as of today, I, too, have completed another circumnavigation of the sun.  Not a great way to ring in another year: stuck in an office space assembling binders.  But only a few days left.

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  1. I think this is his way of getting us all to stop following, as he is closing in on that August deadline mightily fast.

    Maybe there will be “no internet providers” in the new locale…

    Forgive my cynicism, but it is beginning to seem like something is afoot!



    May 23, 2010 at 08:27

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