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By Night in a New Land

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Total Black: $682.66
Total Red: $237,096.81

Thinking about my new location I’ve been wondering what I should do there by night. 

My “by day” clearly will be clerking for a judge.  And clerks are not able to practice law while working for judges, so anything law-related is ruled out.  Though I’m still curious about that option.  What if the opportunity for doc review arose to work remotely in the evenings and on weekends?  The concern is the impropriety of someone’s “lawyer” having an “in” with a judge.  But what New York or Washington D.C. based document review project would ever end up before my judge in the Virgin Islands?  Some of these rules I think have to be updated for the twenty-first century.

But let’s put that one aside for now.  Probably not nearly as much fun to do doc review while on St. Croix for a year.

I asked around at my current “by night” to get some ideas.  One guy who works at the theatre is a flight attendant during the week.  There’s a lot of airlines in the Caribbean, especially the puddle jumper types, so I thought perhaps I could work as a flight attendant on weekends.  He said he thought I probably wouldn’t be allowed to limit my availability to just weekends.  That may be out.   Naturally, everyone suggested that I become a bartender.  I’m not averse to that idea; there’s definitely the potential to make good tips.  I just don’t have any experience and I’m not sure which places would take on a newbie.  There’s a casino on the island.  One of the guys at the theatre suggested I get a job dealing blackjack.  Not a bad idea indeed!  Lawyer by day; Dealer by night.

Of course, the focus, and the fun, will be having a job that allows me to make friends and meet people, bring in decent additional income, and also supply material to blog about.  Not sure how much there is to write about if I’m working in the post office sorting mail, for example.  Nor how many people I’ll meet.  But if I worked aboard an excursion boat taking people around the islands—now that would be cool.  Or a fishing vessel?  I’d like something local, so to speak.  Something indigenous.  Something that I couldn’t do anywhere else—or not everywhere else.  Working at a bookstore can happen anywhere.  Working at a casino, not so much.

This past year has helped me realize that I need more than just a law job to keep me interested and interesting.  The second job may be a drain, but at least it leaves me feeling tired in a good way.  Not the way the practice of law does.  Working at the theatre these past few months has really recharged my batteries.  I worked there tonight again—just a short shift.  But I’m going to miss it.  What I’m not going to miss are these long days at the contract attorney job.  Even if I were able to do doc review remotely, I certainly wouldn’t have crazy hours like these past few weeks.  Once again tonight I prepped witness materials for cross-examination, the same that I prepped in Scrabbling Along and Once Around the Sun and Over and Over and Over Again and Runnin’ Me Ragged.  I left work tonight at 2:30am.

I can’t wait to be leaving work at 2:30am because I worked at a casino or a bar or on a boat!  A week from today and I’ll be flying to St. Croix.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

May 24, 2010 at 23:20

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  1. Apparently that task is not writing. At least you stopped burning money on an apartment in NYC.


    May 25, 2010 at 08:26

  2. Check the rules of the court very carefully before taking another job. In my federal agency, you must get a waiver from several higher-ups before you’re approved for outside employment, and you must be asking about a specific job so they can evaluate it for any conflicts (and not just of the legal sort).


    June 14, 2010 at 09:08

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