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Total Black: $3.53
Total Red: $237,154.80

Total black is back down in the bargain basement.  Sort of like my meal purchases over the past day or two.  And but for the kindness of strangers over the past few days, like Office Manager for example, I probably wouldn’t have eaten.  The bulk of my income has all been allocated toward costs associated with the relocation for the clerkship.

Flights are paid.  The transactions finally cleared this morning; hence the significant drop in total black.  The first two months in the new apartment, plus security deposit, are paid for; hence last week’s significant drop in total black.  Unfortunately, a number of outstanding tasks remain like taking the cats to the vet for a check-up and any shots, buying their carry-on carriages,  packing and hauling my property to my mother’s house, and so on.  But things are beginning to converge.  The sublettor received the sublease agreement and the spare set of keys.  He said he’s mailed out the check for June as well.  But sadly, however, some of the remaining costs necessitate that I borrow money once again from my mother.

One cost that I’ve decided to incur: movers.  I locked in an estimate today.  The moving company will load my property, haul it to Pennsylvania, and unload it at my mother’s home.  Free storage in her basement is the best choice.  It will be a bit costly: current estimate is approximately $1,700 but at a flat rate.  At first I bucked a bit at the estimate.  As did my mother.  But frankly the only alternative is to do it all myself.  And Hercules I am not.

I did reserve a U-Haul a few days ago, as mentioned in Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. That would have cost me about $250.00 before taxes, tolls, gasoline, and fees.  And that’s just to rent the truck.  I’d still have needed people to help me load the truck.  I mentioned back in Working & Moving how I was pretty much the only person from the theatre to show up and help the stage manager for Naked Boys Singing when he put out a call for help with his own move.  So I did think about doing the same with my co-workers at the theatre.  But frankly my time  frames are so tight that I couldn’t just rely solely on the kindness of those semi-strangers.  If none showed on the morning of my move, what would I have done?  Run to Craigslist and hop to find someone at the last minute.  No one really likes to help others pack and move and so I would have had to hired a movers to help me load the truck, as I did when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan back in October 2008.  And at roughly fifty dollars an hour, with perhaps three guys per hour, that could run another $450 dollars—before tip.  Thus just loading and hauling the truck would cost me over $700.  And who would help me unload it in  Pennsylvania?

I’m sure commenters will take me to task for this expense too.  But this way I free myself to continue working all this week and possibly—if not probably—this weekend, thereby recouping some of the money I’d forego if I had to load, haul, and unload the truck myself.  The drive back to Pennsylvania alone would devour over five hours of the day—assuming no significant Memorial Day weekend traffic.  And already it’s looking like I might need to work part of the weekend.  At this point I’ve resigned myself to it all, and in fact have begun to welcome it.  This week’s paycheck should be around two thousand dollars for sixty-six hours of work.  Aside: plenty of money to cover the move, but it won’t arrive in time hence borrowing from my mother.  If I can get in another such week this week, then I could reimburse my mother immediately, or prepay another few months of rent at my new apartment, or pay down that IRS debt, and so on.

Now all that remains is to squeeze in packing time.  Perhaps I can reach out to colleagues and co-workers to help me with that?  Anyone want to come help me pack?

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

May 25, 2010 at 23:21

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  1. This (moving expense) is just something you have to deal with when you’re on a slim time budget and need to get it done.

    At least if it allows you to put in more hours you’ll offset it somewhat. I’ve got no problem with this expense, under the circumstances.

    I’m not local, so I can’t help you though!



    May 26, 2010 at 07:12

  2. You could always just sell your stuff. That way no movers and you pocket whatever cash you make


    May 26, 2010 at 08:04

  3. Actually, movers are almost always worth the cost. Good luck!

    Jim in Chicago

    May 26, 2010 at 10:33

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