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Stressful But Smooth

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Total Black: $420.01
Total Red: $239,764.94

I had to get in to the contract attorney position for 8am tonight because they temporary attorney staffing agency is moving me to a new space.  Back in Calgon Take Me Away I noted how they had moved me twice within the same week.  Today’s move makes this move number six since I started in January. 

I understand that I’m the only person left on this project, at least the only one at the temporary attorney staffing agency’s space.  And I understand the need to bring in busy.  Without new projects, myself and Office Manager, as well as plenty of contract attorneys wouldn’t have work.  But really?  Six times?  I guess when it’s all about packing bodies in to a space, it doesn’t matter how they’re positioned or where they put us or whether they care if we care to be moved.  Just like packing chickens into a coop.  At least this time I wasn’t stuck back in my three-walled cubicle space.  Only fitting that it happened once more just days before I leave for good.  But I digress . . . .

I ran into work this morning for 8am because I forgot that I left the door to the office space I had been using locked.  Office Manager gave me a key, partly because random temp attorneys would walk into my office, mostly when I wasn’t there—but sometimes when I was—to use the area to sit and talk on the telephone, either their cellphone or the line in my office.  Unreal.  I understand the need to try to find a corner of that cooped-up space to talk on the telephone.   But how about this point for starters: you’re at work.  Personal calls should occur after work unless absolutely necessary.  Once I walked into the office to find someone in my office.  The temp attorney glared at me because I walked in while he was on the telephone.  So I just looked at him and walked over to my chair—I’m the only person who uses the space—and sat down and powered up my computer.  He got the message and walked out.  It’s like these people are missing a gene—some missing link—in their cognitive functions.  I have all the papers and confidential materials spread out all over the office.  Very confidential material since the case is somewhat known and involves New York entities.  I have a duty to keep that material confidential and away from others.  Besides that, I have my own personal papers left around my office space.  So Office Manager provided me with the key to that room.  Then she’d report back occasionally when random contract attorneys would try the door to my office and look befuddled when it wouldn’t open.  I never saw it, but I imagine in must have looked a bit like Bush trying that locked door in China back in 2005.  Too funny.  But that’s all one long digression again.

I arrived at 8am only to have to leave again ninety minutes later because I was taking the cats to the veterinarian today in anticipation of the move to St. Croix.  Since the U.S. Virgin Islands are part of the United States, I don’t imagine it will be too problematic getting them there, but just in case—and because they’re due for a check-up—I made the appointment.  It cost nearly $350.00 to get them checked, vaccinated, and certified to travel.  But if today’s little foray into the outside world is any indicator of what’s to come, then the trip to Scranton, drive to Philadelphia, and flights to St. Croix will be tortuous.  Both cats didn’t stop meowing from the time I put them in the carrier to the time I brought them back.  And the veterinarian’s office is only two blocks away.

Otherwise though things are going fairly smoothly.  As I mentioned back in Everything Converging, everything is coming together.  Stressfully, but smoothly, pretty much.  Movers are slated for this Sunday, the 30th.  I’ve reserved rental cars in both St. Croix and New York.  I’ll load any remaining items in the car on Sunday, and along with the cats, drive to Scranton, hopefully sleep a bit because I know I’ll still have work at the contract attorney position, and then pick up my mother, and along with the cats, drive to Philadelphia, return the rental car, and fly.  The apartment has been subleased.  There was a bit of a hiccup today with the sublettor’s check.  The post office claimed it was undeliverable.  That makes me nervous because there’s really no time left to re-mail the checks.  I gave him the option of depositing it directly into my bank account at a branch of Bank of America where he’s at.  That seems to be the best solution.  Tomorrow will tell.

Stressful but smooth so far.  Fingers crossed that it will remain this way.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

May 27, 2010 at 23:58

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  1. Uh, how are you going to pay that off in 2 months???


    May 28, 2010 at 23:30

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