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Last Night in New York

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Total Black: $3,287.11
Total Red: $241,487.55

What a night.  New York certainly made sure I paid my final dues before cutting out. 

After my shifts, and my party, at New World Stages concluded, mentioned in Curtain Down—I opted to go out with the actors.  Not much of a surprise there, eh?  It certainly would have been a safer option to go out with the lawyers though.

Two of my now-former co-workers and I hopped into a cab and headed downtown to the Lower East Side to some random bar I’d never heard of: Odessa.  It has this really amazing eclectic group of people, unfortunately nearly all of them straight.  Seemed the only homosexual ones there were myself, my two co-workers—one male, the other female—and the one co-worker’s girlfriend.  The female, and her girlfriend, are the same referenced back in The Replacement.  And it really meant a lot to me that she, and the other co-worker, took me out.  They had half-jokingly, half-seriously, said they’d plan my good-bye party.  It was partly a knee-jerk response to the generosity mentioned in that prior post.  But I kept teasing them about it, more so the male co-worker because he seemed to take it quite seriously as a task.  Ultimately I wasn’t able to turn the party planning over to them partly because of my own waffling over the date.  So it meant something that they took me out.

Before we left, the male co-worker even drew up a card—at least I think he drew it—of a naked guy  on the front (a la Naked Boys Singing) with the caption: “We’re Down When You’re Not Around.”  Hehehe . . . I think readers get the visual.  Quite a lot of my co-workers signed it.  It’s a nice token; something worth much more than any store-bought card.

The after-party went well—right up until I felt like I slammed my head against the wall when I realized that, in the rush to leave the theater because they were closing everything up, I left my keys in my locker.  And I no longer had a spare set because I had overnighted that set to Sublettor.  So, around 3am or so, I left Odessa and caught a cab uptown.  Once again, as in A Day Without a Post—but most certainly not nearly as drunk and without a hospital visit—I had to crash at the hotel around the corner from my apartment.  It cost me $174.47 for a place to sleep for the night.  I gave serious thought for a short while to going to a gay bathhouse instead.  Certainly would’ve been a whole lot cheaper.  But may not have afforded me the occasion to sleep quietly.  Alone.  On a comfortable bed.  But I digress.

I checked into the hotel and went to sleep.  I awoke a few times during those morning hours: drunken sleep is rarely restful.  Finally I rolled out of bed, showered, and put the same clothes back on, checked out, and walked over to New World Stages to clear out my locker and go home.  I knew from all the shifts I had worked on Sunday mornings that I probably could get into the building just after 10am or so.  I had hoped to sneak in, get my belongings, and then clear out without being spotted.  But, by the time I got there, a few co-workers were already there for their shifts.  I at least got to say good-bye to them as well.  The guy referenced above was there as well.  And he wondered where I had gone just those few hours earlier, so I had to explain where I went and where I was coming from.

See, he and Drunk Texter are exs.  But they live together still.  So crashing at his place wouldn’t have been an option, especially since Drunk Texter and I had a falling out.  (Story not to be told here.  Or at all perhaps.)  Replacement lives in Queens with her girlfriend and heading all the way out there, for just a few hours of sleep, just didn’t seem practical.  And it didn’t seem too copacetic with her or her girlfriend, since I had mentioned to all three that I left my keys in my locker and was effectively stranded for the night.  None were all that interested in helping me problem-solve the situation.  I suppose I could have stayed out all night—which I think is what they did, pretty much—but I knew I’d have hours to put in at the contract attorney position.

Tonight was my last night in New York.  What a way to end it, eh?  After getting a few hours of sleep, I shuffled off once more to the contract attorney position for 1pm and worked until 9:30pm.

Total black and total red are up because I borrowed three thousand dollars from my sister to pay for the movers.  The $2,500 that I referenced in One Last Loose End, borrowed from my mother, ended up covering May’s rent for the New York apartment.  Now that I found Sublettor, I had to pay that rent.  If I had been able to find a replacement tenant, I would have just had the landlord keep my security deposit as last month’s rent.  But instead, I had to come up with that money now.  So this money from my sister will cover the cost of the movers.  And that’ll be expensive: I upgraded to having them pack and load and haul my property to my mother’s house, not just load and haul.  With the schedule at both jobs over the past few days, and now the move nearly upon me—I just don’t have time to pack myself.  At least the moving expenses will be tax-deductible.  I don’t think the court will be reimbursing those costs because I’m not shipping all that property and furniture to St. Croix.

Two days left until I leave!

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