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Total Black: $3,664.04
Total Red: $242,186.50

If yesterday where I am began to sink in, then today what I’m here to do did.  I am a law clerk.  As I noted back in Thinking It Through, it’s the brass ring I’ve sought since law school, over five years back.  And now I’ve got it. 

All of it.  Hehehehe . . . .

Co-Clerk certainly didn’t hold back when reassigning cases to me.  Last count was over a hundred.  Not all of the cases need action.  Some are on hold awaiting a response by one or both parties.  Others have been on hold for years.  I have cases dating back to 1989. I can’t say why, but one is in a box next to my desk.  That’s a lot to read and review.  I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.

For those unfamiliar with the duties of a law clerk, the job description pretty much entails researching the law and drafting the decisions of the judge.  In many instances, clerks, at the trial level at least, end up determining which way motions filed in a case should go, and then draft the court’s opinion and present it to the judge for her or his review.  Co-Clerk let me know that next week we’ve got a criminal trial, scheduled to last all week too.  We’ll be in court, taking notes and being available for the judge.  It’s a fairly cerebral job.  Monastic even.  But I like it.  And I’d like to clerk for as long as I can.

Total black is up because the second check from Sublettor came through.  Last paycheck from New World Stages was deposited today.  This money has got to last for a while because it might be a while before I get another paycheck.  And there’s a lot of bills coming due soon.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

June 3, 2010 at 22:00

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  1. Good thing, because you’re no longer a blogger!

    Just kidding,



    June 4, 2010 at 19:03

  2. Sounds great–life would be grand if it weren’t for that damned debt though.

    Still curious to see if you fall deeper in because of this move–what’s your estimation (I’m sure you had to try to calculate the short term cost/benefit of the move).

    As I don’t know anything about the legal job market, what kind of benefit can you expect from clerking for the USVI judge as far as future employment? I know you want to clerk for as long as you can, but it really probably isn’t financially feasible for too long (i.e. any amount of time past where you gain the benefit of whatever doors it may open for you for a higher paying law gig).



    June 18, 2010 at 15:53

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