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Thank You, Thank You, Mama!

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Total Black: $4,074.17
Total Red: $242,186.50

There’s no chance that my mother would ever see this blog.  Not unless I were to print out each entry for her to read, I suppose.  So I understand that this post is a bit misdirected.  But that said, I wanted to express my inability to ever properly thank my mother for all of her help. 

As I was driving to work today, the song “Thank You Mama” from the film “Sarafina! The Sound of Freedom” came to mind. 

Not sure why, but that soundtrack touched me years back when the movie was first released.  It was so different aurally from anything I’d heard.  But I digress.  I suspect the song popped into my mind because there are very few songs that thank mothers for what they do for us.  Plenty of songs deride mothers for their failures.  Tori Amos and Pink Floyd are two artists whose songs come to mind.  And here clearly all the lyrics of this song don’t completely apply.  Sarafina is film about struggling against Apartheid.  But the concept holds.  As does the idea of a child singing praise and thanks to her mother.

Certainly my mother has been helping me since this blog began.  And for many years before.  But in transitioning from New York to St. Croix, she’s done more than could ever be asked or expected, including traveling here with me, lending me money.  I noted back in Island Life that she had to use her credit card so we could rent a car.  We’ve also visited K-Mart three nights in a row now.  First for some basic food supplies.  Then for other items like an ironing board and an iron.  Picked up some Cruzan Rum too.  And over my protests, she insisted on paying for everything.  And she’ll be helping even more.

Unfortunately I will need to borrow money from her once again: both to purchase a car and to pay the IRS debt and avoid the tax lien I noted back in The Tax Man Cometh.  If a used car runs me a few thousand, and with the minimum amount I need to send the IRS, I’m looking at having to borrow over $10,000.  And to ensure that I repay her, I think I may ask whether I can have a portion of my paycheck each with directly deposited into her checking account.  That’s how I repaid her back when I worked at the law firm (and also how I ended up overpaying her by a few thousands as well).

I’ll miss my mother when she leaves tomorrow  It’s been really nice having her here.  She was nervous about flying back alone.  I had asked my sister to fly down sometime this week and stay for a long weekend.  But that wasn’t “convenient” for her and she only does what is.  That’s worked out well though.  My mother noted that she and I had never traveled anywhere together before.  And tonight—of all places—we ate at Ihop.  Because it’s near K-Mart.  And because she wanted to eat there; we don’t have an Ihop back in the Scranton area.  Ihop!  Ugh.

But now when I pass it each day I’ll think of my mother.  And say thanks.

Total black has increased because the paycheck came through from the contract attorney position.  I’ll still have one more paycheck to come for the few hours I worked on Monday before leaving Philadelphia and after landing in San Juan.

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  1. Why don’t you just set up an auto-bill payment that goes to your mom’s bank and account rather than getting payroll involved (who is sure to foul it up).

    I’m sure whatever bank or credit union you use has a free bill payment feature. They’re great–I haven’t sent out an actual credit card payment, utility payment, etc. for years now.



    June 18, 2010 at 15:56

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