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Full Steam

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Total Black: $4,520,10
Total Red: $240,969.50

Ahead!  And tally ho.  Shiver me timbers too.  And all that other jazz.  It’s time to get situated and settled in at my new home.  Time to get “Born again Cruzan” as the bumper stickers here say.  I dropped my mother off at the airport today.  I was sad to see her go.  It’s been a nice week having her here and spending time with her.  I noted in Thank You, Thank You, Mama! that we hadn’t ever spent quality time together: just mom and son.  That’s been nice.  But I must admit that it’s also been helpful to have her here in other ways too.  An article posted on on May 12, 2010, noted that just being around mom reduces our stress levels.  The article, “Stressed? Calling Mom Helps, Study Says” by Anne Harding, notes that our stress levels drop when just talking with mom on the telephone.

Of course, the study referred only to limited “mom” doses, if you will.  Not a steady supply.  So I also welcomed the opportunity to be alone again and start settling in.

After seeing my mother off, I drove back towards my apartment, but on the way I stopped downtown in Christiansted and walked around a bit.  Believe or not, but with all the K-Mart trips and Ihop visits (we’re now at number three: breakfast this morning)—and with me returning home fairly late in the evenings and the sun setting pretty early—well, we never did get to do any touristy things.  So this afternoon I toured Christiansted, the fort and the nearby buildings, a National Historic Site.  Snapped some pictures of the fort.  Then I wandered over to the visitors center and started chatting with the kindly older lady who works there.  She began to tell me all about the history of St. Croix.  How Alexander Hamilton grew up here.  When she mentioned Hamilton I recalled hearing that he had been born in the Caribbean but I didn’t know he spent time on St. Croix.  His mother was jailed in the fort in Christiansted, in effect for divorcing her first husband.

As I mentioned back in Once Around the Sun, I’m interested in the history of St. Croix and the Caribbean in general.  And now I can add Hamilton to the list, right under pirates.  Seeing the fort imprints the experience on you: the skirmishes and stand-offs against invading forces.

I’m actually excited to start reading up on all this.  New York certainly has volumes of history.  Nearly every corner can be its own chapter: Irish immigrants, gay rights, the temperance movement, the Harlem Renaissance, and Teddy Roosevelt.  Just a few that come to mind.  But for the four years that I lived there—the history of the city never crossed my mind.  Looking back on my time there and exhaustion comes to mind.  A four-year-long stretch of tiredness.

I welcome this change of pace if only because it will, in fact, be a change of pace.

Total black is up quite a bit because of my final paycheck from the contract attorney position was deposited today.  Plus the landlord hasn’t cashed the rent check for May yet.  Total red is lower—well, relative to recent posts I suppose—because I’ve cleared up about a thousand dollars in credit on one card—just in case I need it down here.  I have to buy a car soon, but I’ll need to rent until that happens.

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  1. Black is up and red is down. Must be good!


    June 6, 2010 at 12:48

  2. Maybe he WILL make that 08/09/2010 target after all!



    June 6, 2010 at 16:31

  3. From what I remember, used cars are A) beat to hell down there, and B) expensive as hell down there…

    It actually can be more cost effective to ship a car down there from the mainland.

    Either way, you’ve got to do something soon because renting is probably really expensive! Why don’t you just get a little scooter thing?



    June 18, 2010 at 16:00

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