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A Few Remaining Wrinkles

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Total Black: $1,041.21
Total Red: $241,040.55

Only a few remaining wrinkles left: getting a post office box, buying a car, switching my driver’s license, and registering to vote.  I took care of the first one this morning.  I have a mailing address in the Virgin Islands.  Almost didn’t get it though.  Or, at least I thought I wouldn’t.

When I mentioned last week that I needed to get a post office box, and asked Lord what documentation I’d need to bring with me, he commented that interactions with government officials here seem to be like playing a game of “Go Fish!”  You’ll show up with everything you think you need, and the government employee will say, “Let me see your . . . social security card.”  Or “Let me see your . . . lease.”  So I took with me this morning  a copy of my lease with canceled checks attached, along with my out-of-state driver’s license, and my court ID.  When I walked up to the postal clerk, I requested a post office box.  Then I gun-jumped a bit and took out the lease and my driver’s license.  I then saw her take out some checklist, and after examining it, she asked for my . . . voter registration card.  What?!  Yes, my voter registration card.  Of all possible IDs to request.  But when I told her I don’t have one yet, she gave me the post office box anyway.  So what was the purpose of asking?  A little “Go Fish!” on a Friday morning, perhaps?

Now that that matter is taken care of, I can move on to more pressing matters: like getting a Jeep.  I’ll tackle that this weekend.  As for the remaining tasks, I figure switching my driver’s license will take an entire Saturday afternoon.  And that’s not going to be tomorrow’s Saturday afternoon.  Maybe next weekend.  And registering to vote?  Not so sure just yet.

Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are citizens of the United States.  But they do not get the right to vote for president of the United States since we don’t vote for the president, we vote for the electoral college, who in turn casts votes for the president.  As the elector college is a state system, and the Virgin Islands is not a state—no votes.  But the oddity is that if you move to a state—viola!  The privilege is suddenly extended.  And if you move here, or move back here, then—poof!  The privilege disappears again.  I mentioned to Officemate that perhaps I should bring a lawsuit to challenge my loss of the right to vote.  But that’s already been done.  And the case made it all the way up to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit: Ballentine v. United States, 486 F.3d 806 (3d Cir. 2007).  There went that path to stardom.

Total black is down because the New York landlord cashed May’s rent check.  But it’s up a bit from Eleventh Day of Accounting because my final paycheck from the contract attorney position posted today: I got paid for 2.15 hours along with holiday pay because I worked remotely on Memorial Day.  Which reminded me to google the outcome of that case since I hadn’t heard from the law firm.  We lost; the client got convicted.  It actually made me feel ill for a spell.  All those hours.  All those months.  To lose.  In a federal criminal trial too.  Good week for the prosecution, I suppose.  The defendant in this week’s criminal trial got convicted on all counts as well.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

June 11, 2010 at 22:05

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