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Relaxing Sunday

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Total Black: $904.72
Total Red: $241,059.05

I vacillated this morning for about two hours, going back and forth between going to work to put a few hours in and just staying home and relaxing.  Even though I went in to the court yesterday, after the day I mentioned in Limits and Liens and Loans, I couldn’t get anything done.  My mind wasn’t on my work.  So today, I just said screw it and relaxed today.

Instead of worrying all day, which won’t get anything accomplished anyway, I watched some television, read a book, and updated my blog posts.  And, just around sundown, I hopped in the pool and shot a few pictures from my iPhone of the sun sinking into the Caribbean Sea.

It’s good to rest every now and then.

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June 13, 2010 at 23:36