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Gotta Hold On

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Total Black: $179.87
Total Red: $245,700.21

My mother telephoned today.  The money still isn’t available.  And probably won’t be on Monday either—the day I’m supposed to pay the IRS.  Gotta hold on.  

What else can I do?  No other option really.  No significant amount of credit to speak of.  None that I could use to make even a partial payment to the IRS.  I’m not worried about the car dealership, though they were considerate enough to let me take the car before full down-payment.  But even if the money came through on Monday—it would be too late anyway.  I’m still without a debit card for the reasons listed back in Absolutely Infuriating.  Bank of America sent the new debit card I ordered to my address in New York.  They had to cancel that card and reissue another; it should have shipped yesterday.  Seven to ten business days to get to me—at least per continental timing that is.  Had the money arrived on Friday, I could have cleared space on credit cards—a risk that I’d be forced to take per discussion in Absolutely Infuriating—and used that space to pay the IRS.  I’ve thought about sending a check—at least it would be dated before the 28th.  Not sure if that’s sufficient, however.  I suppose it’s a better option than just not paying.

I’ll call the IRS on Monday anyway.  I trust they won’t be unreasonable.  The money is coming.  It just isn’t here yet.  I don’t know what’s taking my mother’s bank so long.  She applied for the funds back on June 8th.  That’s a long time to wait for urgent funding.

Total black is up because the refunded amount from the Budget rental car was deposited into my account.  Interesting that we can use debit cards to send money back—after the card has been closed—but not the other way around.  This time, I’m happy because of bank loopholes.  Otherwise, I don’t know what Budget would have done with my money.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

June 25, 2010 at 22:27

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