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Permanent Vacation

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Total Black: $109.30
Total Red: $270,623.78

Yesterday was the first day I spent under the Caribbean sun.  I actually wrote this post on Saturday but had to adjust it to accommodate my Twelfth Day of Accounting as yesterday was the 10th.  With an afternoon spent in the sun, it passed my mind completely.  Lord & Lady took me out on their boat.  We sailed over to Buck Island, a national park untouched by man.  Well except for the random droppings he leaves behind.  Or she—like the tampon applicator I came across in the bushes.  But I digress.  I shot this photograph from the edge of the water with my iPhone.  We needed to know the time.  The temperature of the water varied in an instant from refreshingly cold to amazingly warm.  And the colors!  From this turquoise to teal to deep blue.  Just within a few feet.

I think the last sunburn I received was in Florida in 2006 when I visited St. Pete Beach when my friend got married.  If I’m in the sun, I burn.  So that means the last time I frolicked and made merry under the open sky was four years ago.  Unfortunate, but really it makes sense when scanning the past four years of my life: two summers spent preparing for bar examinations.  The other two working.  And all year-long, very little time off.

In 2006 I took myself to Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys, mentioned back in Greener Pastures.  One look at the website conveys how amazing the location is.  I booked the trip last-minute through American Express travel.  It was a reward for passing the New York bar examination on the first try.  And for all else I did getting me to that point.  I took about ten days after Christmas and spread over the New Year’s holiday.  I spent nearly all of my time relaxing—but indoors.  My sunburn in May of that same year was too fresh on my mind.  By booking the trip with AmEx I received a complementary breakfast every day.  And that really was enough.  But I also didn’t have enough money to order meals from the restaurant every day.  It’s an expensive resort.

In 2007 my vacation was spent in Brooklyn, New York, stripping paint off my apartment walls in a silly attempt to play house and pretend that I’d purchase the place.  Maybe I should have tried.   I never really looked into it.

In 2008 I spent a week in Gubbio, Italy for La Festa dei Ceri—or as we call it back in Northeastern Pennsylvania: St. Ubaldo Day.  That was hands-down the best vacation I’ve ever spent.  Pretty much ten days drinking wine and laughing and eating in the Italian Apennines mountains.  Then later that year I took a weekend and went to Atlantic City, New Jersey with my mother and sister.  But I spent most of the time working.  I can’t recall now what was so urgent back then.  And I certainly didn’t spend much time on the beach there.

In 2009 and in 2010 I didn’t take a vacation.  But now I’m getting a permanent vacation.

If my skin can hold out—then certainly I will have been correct back in I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.  After spending the afternoon on this shore, I think maybe I’d pass up a sinful job for something more island-like.  I did get a bit of a sunburn, but not too badly so far.  Odd thing about it—seems the closer to the equator I get then the tanner I get.  When I stayed on Malta for a month I got tan.  Well, as tan as I can get, I suppose.  Whereas childhood vacations on the Jersey shore left me looking like a boiled lobster.  Today I think I may have browned a bit.  That red & brown look that white people get when parts look tan and other parts look burnt.  Water and lotion tonight.

Total black and total red haven’t changed much.  Well, total red includes the auto loan now.  But today I don’t care.  A cranberry juice with coconut-flavored rum is calling my name as is a book and my  chair by the pool.  Liming around all day for sure.

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  1. Sunburned or not, it sounds like paradise. Enjoy!


    July 11, 2010 at 10:21

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