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Total Black: $4,638.28
Total Red: $270,550.77

That’s not my car.  But that’s pretty much what driving around St. Croix has been like for the past two days.  And it’s not going to let up any time soon.  The court let everyone go home thirty minutes early today.  We may not have work tomorrow if the roads are closed.  It’s kinda crazy.  And this is just heavy rain. 

Short post today.  I spent much of the day commenting on Tears for Tiers.  Total black is up; the check from Sublettor came through a few days back.  I had to send it to an address in Florida for Bank of America bank by mail.  And, apropos, the New York landlord’s management company called this afternoon.  I don’t understand why they’re so antsy.  It’s so odd.  They’ve never called when the rent check was only a few weeks behind.  I told them its scheduled to arrive by Friday.  I now owe $75.00 more in a late fee but I couldn’t avoid it.  I needed to use the July check Sublettor provided back at the end of May.  But once that check is cashed, total black will come down by $2,200.00—and by another $200.00 that I spent at K-mart today buying candles, batteries, a battery-operated radio, and other supplies in case of a major storm.  I guess stocking up on food is the only other provision I need to procure.

Total red is also down a bit; I was able to send just over $300.00 from my Bank of St. Croix account to the canceled Visa.  A larger amount requires that I verify the account via minute deposits.  I did verify the local bank with Bank of America so now I can transfer funds between accounts.  I do not think there’s a cost on Bank of America’s end.  No charge to receive locally.  Not sure what will happen when the request from Bank of America for Bank of St. Croix to forward $1,000.00.

Still need to figure out which bank to use for direct deposit.  There’s benefits to using both.

Written by Laid-off Lawyer

July 20, 2010 at 23:00

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